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Valid makes advances in solutions for the education sector




With solutions focused on transforming processes, integrating and harmonizing technologies for the education market, Valid has been expanding its portfolio in its “Valid Education” line, with tools that match the pace of the evolution of education systems, both through physical and digital solutions.

Some of these solutions will be presented by the Brazilian multinational at the biggest events in the education sector: in October, Valid will be at the 25th CIAED – ABED’s International Conference on Distance Education, in Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais State; in November, it will be at the 7th FinancIES conference, on entrepreneurial education, in Curitiba, Paraná State.

At the 25th CIAED, to be held from October 20 to 24, Valid’s Alexandre Okamoto will be speaking about the Digital Registrar’s Office – transformations and impacts on universities and the evolution of students’ files, showing the Digital Onboarding and e-Diploma solutions, in addition to other Valid solutions for the education sector.

Valid will also be presenting solutions from its education line at its stand at the 7th FinancIES conference, between November 20 and 22.

The events will be opportunities for the company to showcase the advantages of the e-Diploma, a digital tool that does away with the need for the physical signature of the university’s authorizing official and the presence of the student and includes all required security features for printing. The initiative aims at fostering innovation and the use of technology to reduce bureaucracy for this process. In addition, the Brazilian Ministry of Education requires that the issue and registration of students’ diplomas be completely digital.

Besides complying with government ordinances, “Valid Education” is part of a package of services that includes identification, digital certification, digital registrar’s offices, dematerialization of documents, e-Diplomas, payments, document analysis, and digital exams.

With projects geared toward digital security and transformation, the company also provides solutions for the reduction of dropout rates, asset management using radiofrequency, and identification of students using facial biometrics and an additional functionality called liveness detection.

“This new avenue of growth offers smart platforms, mobility, and process integration; this gives us an innovative and promising backdrop for the education sector,” says Jeferson Candeo, Valid’s Solution Sales Executive.

Talk at the 25th CIAED:

A practical guide to the advantages the Digital Registrar’s Office offers to universities toward compliance with Regulation 9,235 by Brazil’s Ministry of Education and Ordinances 330 and 554 for the e-Diploma, focusing on efficiency, automation, security, and cost effectiveness.
Alexandre Okamoto – VALID

25 Ciaed, Poços de Caldas, MG – Brazil





Valid is a sponsor of the upcoming Africacom 2019 as exhibitor in stand D81. The event will take place on November 12-14 in Capetown, South Africa.

Our Mobile Solutions and Software & Services teams from across the globe will be in attendance to demonstrate the latest innovations in our IoT solutions, including a demonstration of some of our capabilities.

With the expected deployment of the eSIM (embedded UICC), telecom players will face new digital transformation challenges in setting up and maintaining relevant and frictionless user experience with their customers. By connecting the space between the physical and digital worlds, Valid will help its clients in the integration of emerging technologies; including Subscription lifecycle management, Digital Payments, Mobile Identity and Data solutions, IoT, Track & Trace, Digital Certification, and Agritech.

This year’s theme in Africacom is accelerating business transformation to strengthen African economies, bringing together the connectivity champions critical to enabling digital transformation in Africa.

Africacom 2019, Cape Town- South Africa

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