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Valid brings a “library bus” to communities in need

The social project called “Livros nas Praças” [translation: “Books in Squares”], sponsored by Valid in [...]
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Valid invests in technology for the financial market

Mobile banking transactions are growing, and Valid is investing in technology for the financial market. [...]
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In early 2016, Valid Digital Certification, a Valid Group company, created the program Pode Contar! [...]
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Valid at the MWC Shanghai 2018




Valid will participate at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018, Asia’s largest Mobile event, held on June 27-29th in Shanghai, China.

During the event, Valid will speak at the eSIM workshop and will share our expertise regarding the eSIM market evolution – specifically, the next big wave in IoT. Valid will explain the benefits and challenges around eSIM in IoT through the demonstration of various successful use cases and how these valuable insights can develop new products and services, thus expanding core businesses for MNOs and Device Makers.

Valid is positioned as a technological partner, providing key services to help our clients address IoT by delivering secure, scalable, and interoperable state-of-the-art solutions. In addition, Valid is also pursuing our investments to develop new solutions that enable the digital transformation process of our clients to help them achieve a better IoT customer experience.

Valid at the MWC Shanghai 2018

Shanghai, China

Valid Sponsors the Secure Payments & ID Congress 2018




For another year, Valid will participate as an exhibitor at the Secure Payments & ID Congress 2018, the largest event for private and public companies seeking innovative solutions in the payment, identification & authentication, and security & fraud prevention. The event will be held on May 29th at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, stand 18 in Madrid, Spain.

Valid is investing in the development of solutions and services in the payments sector to help financial institutions throughout their digital transformation process in order to meet the needs of their clients and offer a better customer experience, strictly adhering to required safety standards. Within our portfolio of solutions and services, Valid offers biometrics, social networks, secure online payments, Blockchain, PSD2, and more. All are available in different media platforms found throughout the world.

In two short years, we participated in key partnerships throughout Spain, Portugal and North Africa. In all cases, Valid was positioned as a technological partner of financial institutions to assist them in the evolution of traditional payment methods such as the card, offering leading technological solutions like wearables or stickers, in addition to sustainable materials (PLA, PETG, BIO PVC or PVC recycling) or metal. One of the keys to our success has been our partnership with Info-Direct, a leading bank card customizer, and our collaboration with ServiRed for various initiatives.

Come and visit us at Booth 18!

Valid sponsor of the Secure Payments &ID Congress 2018.

Madrid, Spain

Booth #18

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