Valid enters the IoT market through investment in R&D and partnerships with other companies.


New acquisitions solidifies Valid’s presence in the USA, Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East, expanding its presence to five continents.


Valid expands its solutions portfolio in the USA with Secure Identification.


With a global presence in Brazil, Argentina and Spain, Valid starts to consolidate its’ presence in the USA offering Data, Payment and Mobile Solutions.


The company rebrands under the name Valid and becomes a corporation with widely held stock and starts to operate in Europe setting the stage for a new era.


The portfolio of Payment Solutions becomes available in Argentina.


The company launches its Initial Public Offering selling 57% of its capital stock reaching a total of R$480 million.


After three decades, American Banknote acquired Thomas de La Rue which gave way to a large expansion period. The company soon became a benchmark in Brazil for the secure issuance of documents.


Valid starts to operate in Brazil under the name of Thomas de La Rue as a subsidiary of an English company providing high security paper and printing technology services.