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Disaster Recovery Best Practices for Credential Issuance

By: Chuck Wilson, Content Proposal Manager - Identity Solutions, USA Region Most, if not all, Driver’s License/ID card contracts include provisions for Disaster Recovery (DR) by specifying backup production facilities to ensure a timely response to demand in the face of interruptions at the primary production facilities. Experience has shown most secondary DR facilities that are only operated in the Read more

credential issuance
disaster recovery
disaster recovery best practices
DR Best Practices

Benefits of the Auto Wrecking Act

Valid talks about the Auto Wrecking Act and the benefits and advantages it offers to society in the O Popular newspaper from Goiânia, state of Goiás Read the full article here (only available in Portuguese): Learn more about the solution here.


Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team: How Valid Creates a Results-Oriented Organizational Culture

By Anne Markle - Vice President of Manufacturing, USA Region From new solutions to new global locations, Valid is continuously adapting and evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and the world around us. With our continued growth and success, our leadership team has grown and changed as well. In an ever-evolving technological climate, it is more Read more

5 dysfunctions of a team

Tracking solution for auto parts was featured in TV News Program

Tracking solution for auto parts distributors and auto wreckers was featured in the Bom Dia Goiás TV News Group. Watch the video here (available in Portuguese only): Learn more about the solution:


Valid’s Smart Cities solution highlights innovations in urban infrastructure

Valid’s Smart Cities solution was covered in issue 241 of the Lumière Electric magazine, which highlights innovations in urban infrastructure. It’s a set of solutions and services that serve to identify citizens and create a unified database, with the aim of improving administration and providing tools for decision-making, management of tax collection and relationships with companies from the municipalities. Read more


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Valid launches facial biometrics solution

Tool ensures rapid and accurate identification. Valid’s portfolio includes a high-tech, innovative facial recognition tool that ensures accurate identification. The solution is already in use by a private bank in Colombia, and it ensures secure authentication within the company’s app thanks to the built-in “liveness detection” feature, which is a system that analyzes signs of “proof of life” to ensure Read more

artificial intelligence
facial biometrics solution
simplifying the payment or transaction experience

Márcio Nunes is appointed as a new member of the ICP-Brasil steering committee

Márcio Nunes, CEO of Valid Digital Certification, a company that is part of the Valid Group and totally dedicated to Digital Certification, was named as the new Alternate for the steering committee for ICP-Brasil - the Brazilian public key infrastructure (ICP-Brasil), which is tied to the President’s Chief of Staff’s Office. Read the full article (only available in Portuguese). Read more



eSIM Technology: Creating A Fully Connected World

Connected Living, IoT, and Connected Things are terms that may not sound familiar to the everyday consumer but are already a reality for many. Since 2014, the addition of SIM cards in some high-end cars gave the added value of connectivity. However, this technology that was originally an "extra" feature will become mandatory in a few months. According to Read more

eSIM technology

Beyond the Seal: Valid Contributes Towards Improvement of Tracking Process for Water in Brazil

For the Treasury Office, health inspection departments, and authorized water bottling companies, the seal serves as an instrument for tracking the origin of natural mineral water and electrolyte-enhanced water in Brazil. The aim is to fight illegal bottling of mineral water and to guarantee the quality of the product purchased by the consumer. Other significant outcomes of this project Read more

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track & trace
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water seal tracking

Valid Digital Certification is the new basketball sponsor at Sesi Franca

As a social investment policy, Valid Digital Certification, part of the Valid Group, is pleased to announce that it is the new sponsor for basketball at Sesi Franca (a community center in Franca, São Paulo State). The initiative is part of a mission to drive activities that encourage taking part in sports, which is a very strong part of Read more

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Márcio Nunes
Sesi Franca

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