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Valid has been Accredited by GSMA for Subscription Management

Accredited by GSMA for Subscription Management Valid has been named an accredited supplier for the GSMA Association for Subscription Management (SAS-SM), for the data center located in the Madrid manufacturing plant. This SAS-SM certification is requested as the necessary security grade by the Mobile Network Operators worldwide, willing to delegate their subscription management services to a third-party Read more

Subscription Management

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Geo-Fencing Vs Geo-Framing…There is a new kid in town!

By:  Brenda McGowan - Data Solutions, USA Region Geo-Fencing vs. Geo-Framing As digital display advertising is continuing to gain momentum with marketers as a more “cost effective” means to reach customers and prospects than traditional methods, it’s good know the differences in approach and how new technologies may improve your Ad Spend! Not all “GEO” technologies are the Read more


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Valid Solution reduces fraud using credit card security codes

The fraud-reduction system, which sends out security codes over SMS, was developed by Valid and has reduced the number of cases of fraud via interception for CREDZ, a company that works with retail chains all over Brazil. The solution was featured on the E-Commerce News portal. Read the full article here. (only available in Portuguese)

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Single SIM Card Functionality: 3 Ways You Can Face the Most Common Mobility IoT Challenges

By:  Franco Zaro, Nicolas Quiroga, Rolando Hernandez - Mobile Solutions, USA Region The exponential growth of IoT (Internet of Things) is closely related to how technology has addressed many unanswered questions regarding security, reliability and user-friendly solutions. Along with these three “must have” elements, IoT technology evolves with mobility, transforming it into the arrowhead of the Digital Revolution. A Read more


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Valid to produce identification cards and driver’s licenses for Vermont, USA

In its July 17, 2018 issue, the magazine Isto É Dinheiro highlighted the contract signed with the state of Vermont, in the USA, to provide driver’s licenses and identification cards for residents. This is the third American state to start issuing documents produced by Valid. The services Valid is to provide as part of this contract include gathering of photographs and Read more

Driver’s Licenses
identification cards

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Valid Selected by the State of Vermont to Produce New, Highly Secure ID Cards and Driver Licenses – USA

The Vermont State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has selected Valid to provide their residents with securely issued driver licenses and identification (DL/ID) cards. As Valid plans to increase its market share in the US, Vermont is the third state to distribute driver’s licenses produced by the Company. “We are demonstrating our continuing dedication to provide flexible, innovative and Read more

driver licenses
identification cards

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Mayor Elorza Announces Launch of Providence’s Municipal Identification Card Program

On June 25, 2018, the news site featured an article about the fact that the city of Providence will start offering municipal ID cards to citizens. The document, which is produced by Valid, enables citizens of Providence to have access to the services offered by the municipal government in a more practical and secure manner. Providence is the Read more

municipal ID cards

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Increase in banking services using apps

Valid’s solution for transactions via apps was featured in Brazilian newspaper DCI. The Valid Social Banking platform allows users to perform transactions such as money transfers, and access a variety of financial services such as checking their balance, making payments, deposits, scheduling withdrawals, and location of ATMs using their smartphones, without having to exit whatever app they are using. Read Read more

Banking Services
Valid Social Banking

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Facial Biometrics: The New Face of Secure Identification

Facial biometrics are a giant leap ahead of fingerprinting biometrics. First developed in the 1960s, the technology has become more accessible to the mass market, for both law enforcement and private consumers. Studies show facial biometrics will be the future of secure identification. Even though it is still an emerging technology, the industry is set to hit $7.76 billion Read more

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facial biometrics
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