Since 2013, Valid has chosen to invest in technology, developing our own Smart Card personalization system capable of writing and testing all of our cards produced in factories. This personalization platform, called VSPS (Valid Smart Perso Solution), has grown over the years, gaining new functionalities and components to meet demands and new market specifications that […]

GDPR Compliance Part 2: The Data Protection Revolution Continues to Spread

By: Chris Mermigas – Senior Corporate Counsel, USA Region The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) began enforcement on May 25, 2018, and has caused waves throughout the globe. Establishing rights and protections for the personal data of citizens of the EU, the GDPR applies to anyone who handles or possesses personal data of EU […]

Valid and ConnectedYou join forces to deliver seamless global connectivity to the internet of things industry

ConnectedYou (CY), the global IoT service orchestrator and Valid, the innovative eSIM solutions provider today announced their partnership to deliver seamless Connectivity Enablement Service to Device Makers and IoT Solution Providers. This partnership delivers a seamless cellular connectivity service based on eSIM technology, making connectivity and subscription management easier for enterprises offering connected services all […]