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How Insurance is Changing in the Age of Data

Using location data provides many opportunities for insurers. Customers are becoming more receptive to the idea of sharing their data in order to benefit from financial products and services. What does this mean for insurance companies? Almost six in ten consumers are open to sharing location data and lifestyle information in exchange for decreased pricing in financial products and Read more

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Biometric Identification in Healthcare Doesn’t Replace Data Security Best Practices

By: Michael Fox – Chief Commercial Officer, Identity Solutions  While no system is foolproof, biometrics are vastly more accurate and secure ways to identify patients because they measure a physical trait (something you are) rather than a piece of knowledge (something you know e.g., passwords, ssn, PIN). Cases of mistaken identity can have devastating consequences in healthcare. A newborn Read more

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Idealliance Certifies Valid as G7® Experts

Valid is dedicated to the professional development of our employees in the USA and abroad. Through continued education, we ensure the commitment to our clients worldwide by reducing costs, speeding product to the marketplace, maintaining our client’s brand image, exceeding print production requirements, and delivering consistency and quality. G7® certification is the most recognized international specification for color management. Read more

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2018 Highlights from Valid Payment Solutions

Last year our Payment Solutions team provided our clients with the capabilities to offer secure, flexible, and convenient transactions. Take a look at the complete view of our impressive 2018 highlights from our Payments Team. To learn more about how our solutions can meet your business needs visit: