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Valid Sponsors the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2019

26-28 June 2019 Valid will participate at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2019, Asia’s leading event for next-generation technology – 5G, IoT, AI, Big Data and beyond, held on 26-28 June in Shanghai, China. During the event, Valid will speak at the eSIM Seminar about how industry can capitalize the reward of evolving Read more

Digital Transformation

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Valid sponsors the Secure Payments & ID Congress 2019

19 June 2019 Valid will participate as an exhibitor and speaker at the Secure Payments & ID Congress 2019, the largest national congress dedicated to payment methods, identity management and transaction security. The event will be held on June 19 at the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium, stand 18, in Madrid, Spain. Valid will also Read more

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Valid will be participating in the National Notary’s Offices Conference

06 to 09 June 2019 Valid will be participating in the National Notary’s Offices Conference - Concart 2018, in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, from June 6 to 9. Our commercial team will be presenting solutions for secure identification and digital certification to notaries, registrars, judges, employees of the public prosecutor’s office, lawyers, Read more


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Valid Speaks at Amazon’s Recent Conference

27 May 2019 On Monday, May 27th, Amazon hosted one of the most trending and important shows related to Cloud Services in Colombia. Such event was mainly organized to demonstrate the AWS Cloud Computing platform with the purpose of educating current and potential users about what Amazon’s platform has to offer. Many of Read more

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Payment Solutions

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Valid showcases identification solutions at the 2nd National Notary’s Offices Conference

Valid will be showing identification solutions such as biometrics, professional ID cards, and digital solutions at the 2nd National Notary’s Offices Conference (CONCART), organized by the National Confederation of Notaries and Registrars (CNR), at the SERHS Natal Grand Hotel in Natal, in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, from June 6 to 9. During the event, which will bring together Read more


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How 5G could neutralize Net Neutrality

Just over a year ago, the US Congress repealed the FCC's Net Neutrality ruling - a ruling that made it illegal for mobile and internet providers to charge more for access to certain sites or platform. While Congress is gearing up for another fight, this time to reinstate Net Neutrality, one expert says it may no longer be needed. Read more

Net neutrality

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Technology: Solving Yesterday’s Problems

Technology:  Solving Yesterday’s Problems From wildfires, earthquakes, industrial and underground accidents, to reckless drivers, shoplifting, and pickpockets. By: Franco Zaro, Director of Business Development & Sales Support 5G is around the corner and LTE already took place long time ago; but what does it mean for a farmer, miner, storeowner, or someone using public transportation?     Cellphones during 2G and Read more


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Marketing Testing 1 – 2 – 3

By: Brenda McGowan, Client Development Director, Data Solutions Valid recently had the opportunity to sponsor CohereOne’s “2019 Catalog and Integrated Marketing Summit” held in Philadelphia, PA, USA. During one of the conference presentations, Travis Seaton - SVP Strategic Services and Brandan Slattery from CohereOne shared several interesting case study results to bring back to our marketing teams. Laying the Read more

marketing testing

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