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How to Achieve CCPA Compliance by the July 1 Deadline

How to Achieve CCPA Compliance by the July 1 DeadlineJune 18, 2020Colleen ThorndikeAt a time when retailers could do without more stress, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance deadline of July 1 is fast approaching.Up until now, many retailers have put off CCPA compliance. COVID-19 and our remote workforces have made meeting the looming compliance deadline even more challenging. Read more

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Beginner’s Guide to College Campus Access Security and Management

Trying to decide which type of access control credential your campus should adopt? Here’s a primer on mag stripe, proximity and smart cards, NFC, BLE and biometrics. By: Jeffrey E. Barnhart With sprawling acres of land, colleges and universities need to ensure that students, faculty and staff have safe access to campus resources. Academic institutions historically relied on face-to-face Read more

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PIX: The New Instant Payments System in Brazil

  PIX: The New Instant Payments System June 04, 2020 Structure was developed by the Central Bank of Brazil New technologies have encouraged the financial system to rethink its operations, especially due to customers increased demand for simpler, faster, safer and more economical payments solutions. While updated financial institutions use technology to optimize their activities and achieve better results, Read more

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Smart Living Solutions Infographic

The world we live in is rapidly changing. Technology will play an increasingly major role across multiple environments to safeguard our most vulnerable population. Valid’s Smart Living solutions provide cross-functional services including access management, tracking systems, and environmental monitoring that protect senior citizens and give their families peace of mind.

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