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Improving the Quality and Accuracy of Your Data

By Rick Miller: Business Development Director, Valid 11/10/2020 This two-part blog series addresses the similarities between cleaning your dirty laundry and instituting a master data quality strategy.  Sorting and Preparing Colors, Whites, Polyester, Cotton, just like your laundry it is important to sort and prepare your data assets prior to undertaking a master data quality initiative. My experience shows Read more

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Valid USA Accepts IDHS Division of Rehabilitation Services Employer of the Year Award

On October 1st, 2020, the Illinois Department of Human Resources (IDHS) - Division of Rehabilitation Services awarded Valid USA with their Employer of the Year Award. Valid USA was chosen to receive this award amongst a field of six other employers based on the following selection criteria: Best relationship/engagement with IDHS staff Number of IDHS customers (program participants) interviewed/hired Read more

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JSC Ingenium: New eSIM Platform for MVNO/A/E

New eSIM Platform for MVNO/A/E JSC Ingenium reinforces its offer for MVNO/A/E and launches its new secure eSIM Platform ready to deploy with any operator and technology JSC Ingenium has selected Valid’s eReach subscription management services for the deployment of its eSIM platform  Madrid, Spain – November, 2020 - The eSIM Platform showcased by JSC Ingenium allows operators to Read more

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