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We are committed to making our website accessible to everyone, so that everyone is empowered to understand more about our solutions and how we impact the daily lives of millions of people around the world.

To meet this objective, we seek out the best technologies to optimize reading and browsability of our content and pages, not just for this website, but for all the solutions we develop.

Our aim is to ensure that all people, including those with disabilities or limitations to access, can make full use of our website.

Adjustments to Content

In this section, you can adjust the way content is viewed, such as increasing or reducing the font, highlighting headlines and links, changing the spacing between lines and fonts, and more.

Color and Display Adjustments

In this section, you can change the page’s contrast, adjust color saturation, and activate monochrome mode.

Adjusting Browser Settings

In this section of the plugin, you can make adjustments such as increasing the size of the cursor, hiding images, switching the website to reading mode, and muting sounds.

Successful Cases

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