Agrotopus, a Valid company, announces strategic partnership with Minasul

The Brazilian multinational’s agritech company will be expanding its portfolio of digital solutions for the cooperative, which commercializes over 1.2 million bags of coffee per year

On Thursday (December 6), Agrotopus announced a strategic partnership with the Varginha region’s coffee growers’ cooperative (Minasul). Minasul has 6,000 members, manages the coffee production from over 150 municipalities in Brazil’s Minas Gerais State, and commercializes of more than 1.2 million bags of coffee per year; this makes it an ideal showcase for corporate solutions for agribusiness developed by the startup, in partnership with the cooperative itself. The partnership is happening at an opportune time for Agrotopus, which was acquired by Valid, a Brazilian multinational offering secure technological solutions (B³: VLID3 – ON) in October.

Agrotopus’ current client base are coffee cooperatives, which, all told, account for 40% of the Brazilian market; Minasul, the Brazilian coffee cooperative that produces the second-largest volume of coffee exports, is included among these. The focus of the partnership, in this initial phase, will be to offer solutions related to secure tracking and certifications for the origin and the entire production line, which are required by the coffee industry both for the domestic market and for export, to Minasul’s members.

Among the tools offered are the “Digital Farm” – with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for coffee producers and cooperatives; the “Smart Warehouse” – online tracking of the movement of products and batches within the warehouse, via RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags; and “Marketplace” – a secure platform for the sale of supplies or consumption among producers, cooperatives and other players.

“Now, as part of Valid, Agrotopus has the opportunity to offer integrated solutions for digital signatures and certificates, the Internet of Things, Big Data, and Blockchain. It is expected that within four years, Agrotopus will account for 4% of the company’s total revenue, counting only the coffee segment,” points out Valid CEO Carlos Affonso d’Albuquerque. “But Valid’s objective is to leverage what has been developed for the coffee market, to be applied to different crops, as well as other economic activities,” he concludes.

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