“Circuito Cine Curta” reaches over 74,000 students from the public school system over 6 years

This year, 11 films will be screened over 120 sessions for over 13,000 students from 17 public schools; genres include animation and fiction. The 2016 edition runs until October 26 and includes screenings in the neighborhoods of Caju, Ilha do Governador and Barra da Tijuca. The program includes several short films that have won awards at national and international festivals, such as the animation shorts “Hugo, o Monstro” (by Humberto Avelar), “Um Dia de Gato” (by Maria Teresa Murer) and “Aquitã, o Indiozinho” (by Frata Soares).

In addition to the short film screenings, students are stimulated by the teachers and coordinators to develop projects about the films, through suggestions from handbooks and educational scripts developed by the project according to the educational segment and the programming shown. The project creates and develops four handbooks for each of the segments of Early Childhood Education, Primary School, Middle School and High School.

According to Patricia Piñeiro, Human Resources Officer at Valid, the company that has been sponsoring the event since 2012, the company’s objective is to promote culture among youth, seeking to cultivate critically thinking adults, and to increase their knowledge. “We decided to invest in this initiative because we believe in using culture in the classroom as an effective learning tool,” says Patricia.