JSC Ingenium: New eSIM Platform for MVNO/A/E

New eSIM Platform for MVNO/A/E

  • JSC Ingenium reinforces its offer for MVNO/A/E and launches its new secure eSIM Platform ready to deploy with any operator and technology
  • JSC Ingenium has selected Valid’s eReach subscription management services for the deployment of its eSIM platform

 Madrid, Spain – November, 2020 – The eSIM Platform showcased by JSC Ingenium allows operators to offer their subscribers a complete and secure solution that is quick and easy to integrate with their customer’s business systems. It has been designed to make the services’ set-up as easy as possible for the operator, and also to improve the digital experience of its subscribers.

Valid’s eReach subscription management services enable JSC Ingenium to manage the creation, storage, personalization and download of MVNOs customers’ profiles into connected devices. Valid’s SM-DP+ platform aims to offer MNOs and MVNOs an interoperable and efficient solution for onboarding their end-user customers digitally as well as their automated devices equipped with eSIMs, while adapting to the constraints of their business model during the eSIM ramp-up phase.

The new eSIM solution allows the coexistence between the physical SIM and the eSIM in a transparent and simultaneous way with a similar provisioning and control process. It also has the capacity to operate in 2G, 3G, 4G, and of course 5G networks, as well as in any environment, regardless if it is operated with JSC Ingenium technology.

Another main advantage of the eSIM solution is allowing aggregators and enablers to offer the eSIM service to their brands completely independently.

“Our goal is to always offer our clients the most complete service and the latest technology at all times,” said Sergio Cano, CEO of JSC Ingenium. “Although eSIM technology is still in the very early stages, we want to be ready to offer a service with guarantees, fully integrated with our BSS system,” he added. “The choice to work with Valid is key for us; we have been working with them for more than 10 years, when we launched our MVNA Platform on the market in Spain and, for this occasion, it could not be any other way”.

“Being selected by JSC Ingenium, a long term business partner, as their eSIM subscription management service provider shows how important it is to offer effortless connectivity and remote subscription management to enhance the user experience nowadays.” said Pierre Lassus, Global Director of Software and Services at Valid. “This partnership is a perfect illustration of Valid eSIM strategy, which aims at supporting the business development of MNOs and MVNOs, OEMs, and M2M device manufacturers during their eSIM ramp-up process, while providing fully interoperable and future-proof services.”

About JSC Ingenium

The telecommunications engineering company JSC Ingenium was established in 1996. It focuses on network hub technologies, business systems and tools for the optimum monitoring and operation of Mobile Operators -MNOs and MVNOs-, as well as fiber-mobile converging.
The latest developments included by JSC Ingenium in its business systems area make it possible to offer turn-key services for its customers.
JSC Ingenium’s portfolio encompasses a wide range of solutions for 3G & 4G Core Network infrastructure, Service Enablers and of course 5G. In fact, the company’s NSA (non-standalone) version of 5G technology will allow soft migration from current services to the next generation ones destined for all JSC Ingenium customers.

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