ConnectedYou chooses Valid’s Subscription Management Solution to deliver seamless IoT Connectivity

ConnectedYou chooses Valid’s eReach subscription management solution to deliver seamless IoT Connectivity orchestration to enterprises worldwide

Madrid, Spain, September 28, 2021ConnectedYou, the digital marketplace for IoT connectivity, has partnered with Valid, one of the leading players in the eSIM industry, to provide its subscription management services for IoT, allowing ConnectedYou’s customers around the world to have access to a global range of connectivity suppliers. Valid’s eReach platform for IoT enables ConnectedYou to manage, create and store different profiles for their customers to download the relevant mobile operator profile into their connected devices.

Compliant with GSMA latest specifications, Valid’s eReach subscription management services gives device makers and IoT service providers an interoperable and efficient solution to simplify their supply chain for connectivity access and, regardless of where their devices are located, remotely manage connectivity subscriptions and also create, store, personalize, download, and activate profiles in IoT devices, directly from a fast and high-security set of platforms.

With the expected arrival of 25.2 billion connected devices by 2025, according to GSMA, ConnectedYou is all set to support their IoT customers to offer better device management and connectivity to eSIM devices. With Valid’s solution ConnectedYou users can access a unique Connectivity Orchestration Platform that enables them to choose connectivity from a range of mobile operators, with the ability to manage their connectivity profiles and SIMs from a unified web console and APIs.

“ConnectedYou is democratizing the global IoT connectivity space with over 40 carrier profiles and growing, offering enterprises a simpler way to manage their connectivity around the world. We have been exploring the GSMA SAS certified eSIM ecosystem and this partnership with Valid will enable us to offer fully interoperable and future-ready solutions. What we do at ConnectedYou is very complicated and we needed a partner who understands the complexities so that together we can make the customer’s experience plug and play, together.” said Arun Shankar, COO at ConnectedYou.

“ConnectedYou is one of the leading eSIM orchestration services company focusing on the enterprise market segment, and our long term partnership made it possible to set-up, test and provide the service in record-time, while accommodating their specific requirements. Working with agile and innovative companies like ConnectedYou, perfectly illustrates Valid’s eSIM strategy which aims at supporting our customers’ business development during their eSIM ramp-up process, both for IoT and consumer devices use cases.” said Pierre Lassus, Global Director of Software and Services at Valid. 

Note to editors

ConnectedYou eSIMs are fully managed by ConnectedYou as an independent provider and can be enabled with connectivity from any provider within the ConnectedYou ecosystem.

About ConnectedYou

ConnectedYou is the digital marketplace for IoT connectivity, offering a unique and unified IoT service to enterprises, globally, through a single access platform integrated with multiple technology and connectivity providers. ConnectedYou enables an ecosystem that allows enterprises to freely choose connectivity from multiple suppliers and remotely switch suppliers within the ConnectedYou ecosystem in real-time at-a-click. ConnectedYou provides enterprises with a future proof orchestration solution for all their IoT needs keeping future innovation and improvements in mind.

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