i-new, a subsidiary of cyan, selects Valid’s solution to provide eSIM Connectivity for their MVNOs and Reseller Brands

Madrid, Spain, April 21st , 2021 i-new, a subsidiary of cyan AG, a leading European and globally active provider of intelligent cybersecurity solutions and BSS/OSS/MVNE platform services for the telecom industry, selects Valid’s eSIMplicity platform to allow i-new customers to leverage the eSIM feature of their eSIM-connected devices and benefit from the opportunities of the digital connectivity service. Valid provides a turnkey subscription management solution to manage the creation, storage, personalization and download of their subscribers’ profiles into eSIM devices, supporting i-new in their eSIM transition towards a more secure IoT Connectivity service.

GSMA Intelligence forecasts that there will be 24 billion IoT connections in 2025. With that in mind, i-new opted to get ready to support the eSIM technology in the cyber world, while offering their clients a secure and convenient way to connect their IoT devices.

Compliant with GSMA’s latest specifications, Valid’s eReach subscription management services’ objective is to give MNOs, MVNOs, MVNE, and connectivity providers an interoperable and efficient solution to onboard and remotely update their eSIM-enabled devices in the field. Partnered with Valid’s eSIMplicity, a business model that offers an entry level subscription management service by mutualizing Valid’s SAS certified Data Center resources across multiple customers, and with no impact on its own IT & network infrastructure, i-new was given the opportunity to try and evaluate the technology as well as the market return on a secure and digital experience to their clients.

“We are keen on working to support the connectivity of our customers’ eSIM devices, at an affordable cost, in order to evaluate the appeal and demand of the IoT market for subscription management services. Valid had provided its SIMs to our MVNO customers before and has been a reliable partner respecting the time-to-market, it was clear we could count on Valid for this case as well” confirmed Stefan Szigeti, Director BSS/OSS Solutions at i-new.

“With Valid’s support, i-new is offering eSIM connectivity services with a secure and digital user experience to their clients, as part of a subscription management service, at an affordable cost” said Pierre Lassus, Global Director of Software and Services at Valid. “This partnership is part of Valid eSIM strategy, which targets at supporting the business development of MNOs, OEMs and IoT device manufacturers during their eSIM ramp-up process, while providing fully interoperable and future-proof services.”

About cyan AG / i-new

cyan AG (XETR: CYR) is a leading, globally active provider of intelligent cyber security solutions and platforms (BSS/OSS) for telecom companies with more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry. The company’s main business areas are cybersecurity solutions for end-customers of mobile and fixed network internet providers (MNO, ISP). The technology provided by cyan is integrated as white label product into the infrastructure of the business partners, who then offer them to their end customers in a B2B2C model, under their own brand. Further, its Seamless BSS/OSS & MVNE Platform offers an out-of-the-box, one-stop-shop solution for MVNOs seeking maximum independence from host operators. The innovative design provides complete end-to-end support from mobile network integration, product management, real-time charging to customer care as well as digital customer experience management. Find more information about cyan:


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