Emtel selects Valid’s Subscription Management solution for eSIM enabled-devices in Mauritius

Emtel selects Valid’s Subscription Management solution for eSIM enabled-devices in Mauritius

Madrid, Spain, July 27, 2021 – Emtel, a major wireless telecom company in Mauritius, has partnered with Valid, one of the leading players in the eSIM industry, to launch its eSIM Subscription Management Services to power its customers’ connected devices. Valid’s eReach platform efficiently manages the creation, storage, personalization and download of Emtel profiles into eSIM-enabled smartphones and companion devices.

Valid’s eReach subscription management services is compliant with GSMA latest specifications and provides mobile network operators (MNOs) with an interoperable and efficient solution for a better digital on-boarding experience when it comes to connecting their users’ devices. Additionally, Valid’s solution supports the latest smartphones, tablets, wearables and many other eSIM devices available on the market.

According to Counterpoint Research, a global industry analysis firm, there will be more than six billion eSIM devices produced over the next five years. Leveraging on Valid’s solution as eSIM gains momentum, Emtel has been tasked with launching the service to serve the market in the region, while gearing up for future expansion when opportunities will arise. Indeed, Emtel is now equipped with a fully scalable solution to provide connectivity to eSIM devices, powering their customer with a better digital experience for their connected devices, thus keeping itself ahead of the game.

“We have been working with Valid over the past several years, pushing for more innovative ways of connecting people. When the time was opportune to launch our eSIM, we knew we needed a solution with a degree of commercial flexibility that could adapt to a gradual uptake of eSIM in the market. Valid was able to deliver that on very short notice,” confirmed Kresh Goomany, Chief Executive Officer of Emtel.

“Thanks to the eSIM Subscription Management Services, Emtel is now able to offer a full digital onboarding experience to thousands of people willing to remotely get connectivity plans directly from their connected devices,” said Pierre Lassus, Senior Vice-President of Software & Services for Telecom at Valid. “This partnership is part of Valid’s eSIM strategy, which aims at supporting the business development of connectivity providers and OEMs during their eSIM ramp-up process, while providing fully interoperable and future-proof services.” 

About Emtel

Emtel was launched in 1989 under the aegis of The Currimjee Jeewanjee Group, one of the leading business groups in the Mauritius. Living up to its reputation as a pioneer in mobile telephony in the Southern hemisphere, the company has consistently strived to fulfil its commitment to society by embracing change. Emtel has many accolades to its name as FIRST, be it launching 3G services and later 4G services, unveiling a state-of-the-art Tier-3 data centre, mobile services and enterprise connectivity in Agaléga, innovative Value-Added Services, Cloud bases Enterprise Solutions and Unlimited Voice & Data Products in mobile telephony segment.

Emtel offers Unlimited Data, Voice and Vas products on prepaid and postpaid options along with unlimited high speed broadband internet access for home users. Emtel launched Airbox+, a new “all-in-one” offer in Triple Play segment with a mix of high-speed internet connectivity and entertainment. Emtel also offers a wide range of customized and innovative connectivity solutions to corporates suiting their business needs under Emtel Business portfolio. The recent launch of METISS submarine cable offers added advantage to Emtel allowing connection to major global players in South Africa via the vast fibre network in place that connects various countries.

With METISS and continued fibre expansions, Emtel is undoubtedly laying the foundation for 5G in Mauritius, which will bring considerable benefits to individuals, households, businesses and smart cities in coming years.


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