In early 2016, Valid Digital Certification, a Valid Group company, created the program Pode Contar! with the aim of offering information to accountants and lawyers, including topics that are both current and relevant to their industry. Now in its second year, Pode Contar! has reached 2.09 million views.

According to Márcio Nunes, CEO of Valid Digital Certification, its number of views has not stopped growing since its inception. “Because of the huge level of acceptance we’re seeing, we are now also working on broader-reaching topics for businesspeople, such as networking, negotiation, the science of happiness, and more.” Pode Contar! has also become a space for the exchange of knowledge between accounting and business professionals, via the comments section, where questions can be asked and topics can be suggested.

Márcio explains that the initiative arose with the objective of offering free, quality content to the segment. “It was a way that we found of giving something back to a profession that is so important to our companies and society. We receive contributions from professionals from the area so that we can improve the content each season,” he says.

The positive results confirm that the initiative by Valid Digital Certification was bang on. In 2016 and 2017, the initiative included over 42,000 hours of airtime:
• Over 11.1 million prints, of which 3.86 million were unique;
• 2.09 million views, of which 718,000 were unique;
• Peaks of over 12,000 engagements (likes, shares and comments) on social media.

Watch all the issues of Pode Contar! on Valid Digital Certification’s YouTube channel.