Valid USA Accepts Award For Data Analytics Challenge

“This challenge is truly one-of-a-kind, bringing together the top marketers and the brightest minds to solve real issues faced by our industry,” said Neil O’Keefe, SVP of CRM and Member

Engagement for the DMA. The impressive list of competitors included those from academia, major U.S. brands, and 40 data industry suppliers including Merkle, Allant Group, and KBMG.

In a competition that has drawn hundreds of competitors across the marketing industry and academia, the 9th Annual 2015 Analytic Challenge asked participants to develop a model for a direct response marketing company that predicts the likelihood of new customers making a second purchase of a select product.

“Valid USA is honored to have our Data Solutions Team recognized for their dedication in using analytics to drive actionable business intelligence, incremental revenue, and increases in Marketing ROI for our clients. I would like to recognize Scott Ross, Nataly Slobodsky, Gary Abrams, and our team of contributors in our Los Angeles office for obtaining this award,” said Gary Hofeldt, Vice President of Data Solutions at Valid USA.

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