Valid Applies New Solutions to the Digital ID Card for the São Paulo State Civil Police

In another advance toward the digital transformation of ID documents, Valid, the Brazilian multinational, has developed the new digital ID card (known in Brazil as the “RG”) for São Paulo State. In an app format, the solution is a complement to the physical document already issued by the company. The app will be initially for the exclusive use of civil police officers, but it will soon be made available by the Ricardo Gumbleton Daunt Institute of Identification (IIRGD) for the state’s entire population.

It is available for Android and iOS and works as a sort of digital wallet for ID documents, making use of a broad range of Valid solutions, including facial biometrics with liveness check.

In its mobile device-compatible version, the document contains all-new features. By simply reading the QR Code printed on the back of the paper document, using the app, it’s possible to use a smartphone to verify the authenticity of any ID document, whether physical or digital, issued in São Paulo. This query can also be performed by typing in the document number directly in the app.

Márcio Nunes, the company’s CITO, says that there is a smooth link between the physical and digital versions. “We have established a very positive relationship between the two types, ensuring much more security in the creation and activation of this document on mobile devices,” he points out.

Thanks to the use of digitally signed certificates, the app verifies the authenticity, authorship, and integrity of the biographical and biometric information shown on the digital document, following standards set by ICP-Brasil (Brazilian Public Keys Infrastructure). Its security is enhanced with the introduction of a dynamic QR code, making it possible to verify the legitimacy of the digital document, thus preventing attempts at cloning.

According to Marcello Ribeiro, Valid Director of Identification, besides the identification service, the technological evolution of the ID card also provides an excellent digital experience. “We are continuing to advance our portfolio in terms of the issue of ID cards and other biometric services. We are aiming at broadening access to ID documents using the highest technology standards,” he asserts. “We are offering a modern and secure document,” he concludes.

The solution reinforces Valid’s leadership in Brazil’s secure identification market. The company specializes in the identification of people, objects, and transactions, both in terms of the issuance and use of documents for personal and professional purposes.

Valid is responsible for issuing personal ID cards in various Brazilian states, as well as driver’s licenses and professional IDs; this includes capture and production technology in any required format – digital, plastic with chip and also paper, always in compliance with Brazilian and international security standards and regulations.

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