Valid brings digital transformation to the horticulture industry

Agribusiness, which accounts for 21% of Brazil’s GDP, is advancing toward digital transformation at breakneck speed. In this sector, productivity is already experiencing a positive impact from the use of logistical support solutions that offer greater flexibility and security for tasks, both on and off the farm.

One of the new items is the ibandeja (“bandeja” being Portuguese for “tray”), a smart tray for vegetables, herbs, and ornamental plants. Thanks to a radiofrequency (RFID) identification label, the crop’s entire chain can be managed and monitored with precision, from planting to germination to delivery of the product to the end client. The technology also enables users to track nutritional and pesticide information.

The idea of ibandeja (which was developed by Valid, a Brazilian multinational specializing in technology and security solutions, in partnership with JKS, an expert in production of plant trays), is to provide plant and vegetable growers with more robust control over the steps of the production chain, enable them to optimize costs, manage incoming and outgoing goods, and keep an accurate inventory. The catalog with the trays’ information can be accessed via web and mobile channels (Android OS).

Valid will be presenting the tool at JKS’ stand at the 26th Technical Exhibition for Horticulture, Protected Crops, and Intensive Farming (Hortitec), being held on June 26, 27, and 28 in Holambra (Brazil), Latin America’s largest production center for flowers and ornamental plants.

“Horticulture is just one of the industries than can benefit from logistical support solutions,” explains Ricardo Malizia, Data Solutions Manager at Valid. He adds that the company already offers this type of tool for the chemical and healthcare industries.

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