Valid creates a financial app for Banco Davivienda

Valid, a global provider of secure personalized solutions, is supplying Banco Davivienda – a private Colombian bank with more than 6.6 million clients – an app called DaviPlata Mobile; this solution allows users to easily manage their money via their smartphone, without needing to have a bank account or a debit card.

The app, which was developed by Valid, is a new mobile wallet resource for Davivienda, and addresses the needs of clients who don’t have access to financial institutions. In just over six months of operation, the service already has more than 150,000 active users.

The platform offers two innovative functionalities: the possibility of making banking transactions via Facebook Messenger – the amounts are deposited directly into the beneficiaries’ accounts – and transfers to Colombians living abroad. With these new functions, the number of downloads has increased significantly, making the conversion of new clients the primary focus for new in-app initiatives. “This reinforces that our decision to focus on the mobile channel was the right strategy for the bank,” states Pierre Lassus, Global Director of Software & Services – Telecom & Payment for Valid.

The technology that makes the solution possible is part of Valid’s Secure Services Hub™ (VSSH™) security framework. VSSH™ is a service framework that provides a secure connection, from different access channels up to services on a backend that is protected from external networks.

“With the VSSH™ technology, financial services may be accessed via mobile apps, or other channels such as text messages or SIM cards, in a secure and convenient way,” explains Pierre Lassus.

One of the challenges overcome by the VSSH™ technology was the modernization of the bank’s large services base. It also enables the bank to offer new access channels, or to improve existing ones, using code scrambling techniques, encryption and data integrity validation via simple integration with the product.

“Therefore, corporations can develop their line of products and services with minimal impact on the systems they already have, and on the specialized personnel they have available,” points out the Valid director.

VSSH™ has a modular architecture, which allows for rapid development of new services and customization of existing modules, in order to facilitate projects that demand special access requirements.

For smartphone apps, VSSH™ offers a set of libraries that allow for easy implementation of functionalities that use the camera with processing of passwords and QRCodes this can have advantages for remote data transfer systems, or data transfer made from person to person.

Pierre Lassus adds that VSSH™ offers a layer of business rules that enable the creation of client records and registration in accordance with the commercial and security requirements necessary for each type of client.

Headquartered in Brazil, the company develops integrated and customized security platforms for governments and private companies in 17 countries. With a market value of approximately R$ 1.6 billion and around 7,000 employees, Valid offers a complete portfolio of solutions in telecommunications and payment methods, identity systems, digital marketing and digital certification.

DaviPlata Mobile

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