Valid creates a solution that combines transportation and payment on a single card

The card is a product of the partnership between RioCard and Brasil Pré-Pagos (BPP), which ordered a print run of 5,000 commemorative and limited edition cards for Valid. The card can be purchased until September 18th and activated by locals and tourists, Brazilians and foreigners, on the website, select RioCard stores, currency exchange offices and hotels associated with Brasil Pré-Pagos.

Manufactured in the company’s Sorocaba (SP) plant, RioCard Duo 2016 works like a pre-paid card with two features in a single card: the transportation feature can be used to pay for train, metro, bus, light rail, BRT, boat, cable car and licensed van tickets in the state and capital of Rio de Janeiro; the pre-paid Visa feature allows you to make purchases in-stores and online in Brazil and abroad, anywhere that accepts the brand.

For the President of Brasil Pré-Pagos, Paulo Renato Della Volpe, combining the public transportation card for a city with a busy flow of residents and tourist, such as Rio de Janeiro, with the possibility of also using it for small purchases at commercial establishments, is a huge breakthrough. “We expect this platform to expand to other states”, he says.

“Our goal is to create a solution tailored to each scenario. The RioCard Duo 2016 is a great example of how we can adapt current technology and services into a solution that best suits each customer’s strategy”, explains Carlos Affonso D’Albuquerque, global CEO of Valid.

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