Cubic Telecom, China Mobile, and Valid join forces to deliver LTE connectivity enablement to global IOT device manufacturers in China

This partnership provides eSIM technology, making LTE connectivity and subscription management easier for IoT device makers. The companies will showcase this industry-first during Mobile World Congress Shanghai, which takes place on June 28-30th in Shanghai, China.

The partnership leverages Cubic Telecom’s IoT Connectivity Platform paired with China Mobile’s powerful Connected Car platform — both of which use advanced, GSMA-compliant subscription management solutions from Valid and China Mobile. The companies have successfully tested and demonstrated a fully compliant subscription management swap procedure in China between their respective systems. This critical milestone was achieved in an interoperable multi-vendor environment.

“The relationship with our companies simplifies, strengthens and propels the LTE connectivity ecosystem throughout China, and this industry-first capability holds the potential to benefit all IoT OEMs,” said Barry Napier, CEO of Cubic Telecom. “This provides a unique eSIM product reference that can now be localized in China according to both global industry standard and to local requirements.”

As a result of today’s announcement, IoT device makers and service providers can use Cubic Telecom’s global eSIM and global subscription management service to securely enable China Mobile LTE connectivity for their telematics and infotainment devices in China.

“We are pleased to partner with Cubic and Valid in this important industry initiative. The integration of eSIM platforms paves the way for accelerated innovation across the China Mobile network,” said Weibing, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Government and Enterprise Service Company. “Through this partnership, we are enabling a truly unique experience and technology that drives seamless connectivity, with affordable and flexible rates for data, voice and SMS.”

“It is a real pleasure for Valid to partner with Cubic Telecom and China Mobile. Together, we have achieved a major industry milestone proving once again the leadership and industry expertise of the involved parties. The integration between Cubic Telecom’s IoT unique service platform, Valid eUICC & Subscription Management technology, and, best-in-class China Mobile LTE Network will enable IoT OEMs, device makers and service providers to embrace a seamless connectivity experiencein China” said Carlos Affonso D’Aburquerque, CEO of Valid.

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