Valid Digital Certification comes to Honduras and broadens its international operations

The company will be responsible for structuring Tecnisign’s new certifying authority

Valid Digital Certification has been operating in Brazil since 2011 and has since become one of the country’s largest digital certification companies; it is now coming to Honduras, broadening its international operations. The company will be the technological partner of Tecnisign, a new company from Grupo Visión, which will be issuing digital certifications to Honduran citizens and executives.

Valid’s operations in the country involve the life-cycle management of the digital certificates issued in Central America, consulting for the creation of regulatory procedures and documents, and support and maintenance of the IT environment, plus expert consulting and technical and operational training.

Valid Digital Certification will act as a global certifying authority with WebTrust accreditation, which guarantees total compliance with the standards of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA). The structure of the certification authority that will manage Tecnisign’s Digital Certificate has been audited by the Instituto de La Propriedad (Property Institute), which is responsible for legal security for owners of movable, immovable, and intellectual property in Honduras.

Jonathan Schacher, a representative of Grupo Visión, of which Tecnisign is part, points out the company’s responsibility as the first firm to provide certification services, which will modernize the country. “We are living in an increasingly connected world, and adopting a digital lifestyle is a reality that will now be part of Hondurans’ daily lives.”

Márcio Nunes, Valid’s CIO and Director of Digital Certification, explains that this project strengthens the company’s presence on the global market. “Our solutions can be customized and adapted to any international law or standard, ensuring the quality and security of the product anywhere in the world.”

International cooperation – It was not random that Tecnisign chose Valid. Honduras mirrors the Brazilian digital certification model. On November 29, Gastão Ramos, CEO of Brazil’s National Information Technology Institute (ITI) was in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, to sign a memorandum of understanding between ITI and the Instituto de La Propriedad. The instrument establishes the technical cooperation between the two countries, in topics related to infrastructure development, provision and commercialization of digital certifications.

About Valid Digital Certification

Valid Digital Certification is a company from the Valid Group specializing in trustworthy digital services for identification, access, encryption, and authentication, carrying out nationally and internationally standardized cryptographic operations in accordance with the regulations established for the identification of individuals or legal entities for digital subscriptions; generation and secure storage of digital evidence for an electronic transaction; and many other solutions. Accredited by Brazil’s National Institute of Information Technology (ITI), Valid is the top-level certifying authority for the issuance of ICP-Brasil digital certificates such as Brazil’s electronic forms of individual and corporate taxpayer’s IDs, official invoices, and SSL certificates. Their credentials inclide: PSS – ICP-Brasil service and support provider, ACT – timestamp authority, PS EEA – service provider for attribute issuers, PSBio – biometric service provider, and services hub for Blockchain and Gold Partner GlobalSign for the issuance of international SSL root certificates. To learn more about Valid’s services in digital certification, digital subscriptions, timestamps, attribute certificates, and dematerialization of processes and documents, go to:

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