Valid invests in technology for the financial market

Mobile banking transactions are growing, and Valid is investing in technology for the financial market.

The number of banking transactions performed in Brazil using mobile devices has surpassed the number made by computer.

This statistic, published last week in a study by the Fundação Getulio Vargas, also reveals that Brazil now has more smartphones than inhabitants, with 220 million active smartphones. On the financial market, technologies are being translated into convenience both for end users and for banks, fintechs, and businesses.

Valid, a global provider of secure, personalized solutions, has been investing in technology to offer a more complete experience in payment methods, encompassing everything from apps for authentication and identification, to interfaces that enable secure transactions, to in-depth analysis of analytical and behavioral data that help to trace clients’ profiles and their consumption habits. All of this comes with the ability to add the trustworthiness of a Digital Certificate, or Blockchain.

In Colombia, Banco Davivienda’s over 6.6 million clients use DaviPlata Mobile, a solution developed by the company that allows the user to manage their money easily over their smartphone, without needing to have a bank account or debit card. The mobile banking and payment system works using QRCodes. In this system (a 2D variation of the traditional barcodes) the information gathered from mapping users’ behavior is sent to a server that stores and analyzes the data.

“The financial market represents one of the primary users of information technology, governed by convenience, security, and transparency,” points out Adriano Franki, Valid’s VP of Sales, Payment & Telecom Brazil.

According to Franki, the sector has also benefited from the versatility of APIs, which are programming interfaces for apps that make possible a variety of services and formats for users from all segments.

This topic has piqued the interest of fintechs. The European regulating body has told banks that they should start opening up their APIs so that companies that are interested in offering services to clients can innovate and deliver new concepts in financial services.

“In practice, this really opens the doors for the creation of new uses that will offer a better user experience and value to consumers. The age of the digital bank is just starting for anyone thinking of using APIs,” he assesses.

I this segment, Valid has been working on the development of communication platforms that can easily connect to different APIs and deliver services to multiple access channels in a smart, simple, and effective way.

“Cars making payments, and pre-selection of purchases at the supermarket. These are the possibilities we’ve got our eye on. Our goal is to deliver secure, integrated, and personalized solutions according to the challenges and needs of each client,” Franki concludes.

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