Valid launches facial biometrics solution

Tool ensures rapid and accurate identification.

Valid’s portfolio includes a high-tech, innovative facial recognition tool that ensures accurate identification. The solution is already in use by a private bank in Colombia, and it ensures secure authentication within the company’s app thanks to the built-in “liveness detection” feature, which is a system that analyzes signs of “proof of life” to ensure that the comparison is made based on the image of a live person, captured live.

The high-speed facial recognition solution uses the “deep learning” concept, as well as artificial intelligence. “And since each one of us has a unique set of facial measurements, the accuracy of recognition using this technology is very close to 100%,” says Valid’s Adriano Franki.

The company, which has been providing its biometrics technology to government agencies in Brazil and the US for more than 10 years, is broadening its scope to other markets. “We have big hopes for this type of technology, especially when it comes to banks, retail, insurance companies, and telecom companies. We are ready for a boom over the next few years, and we’re focusing our efforts on simplifying the payment or transaction experience, without compromising on security,” points out Adriano.

Valid’s platform is integrated into biometrics engines approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a non-regulatory government body under the technology administration at the US Department of Commerce.

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