Valid showcases identification solutions at the 2nd National Notary’s Offices Conference

Valid will be showing identification solutions such as biometrics, professional ID cards, and digital solutions at the 2nd National Notary’s Offices Conference (CONCART), organized by the National Confederation of Notaries and Registrars (CNR), at the SERHS Natal Grand Hotel in Natal, in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, from June 6 to 9.

During the event, which will bring together professionals from the notary and registry industry, judges, employees of the public prosecutor’s office, lawyers, students, and notary’s office employees, Valid will be collecting biometric and biographical data from the notaries, registrars, and substitutes, in order to issue an ID card, to be picked up at Valid’s stand. The document can be given a digital certificate, which identifies and guarantees the identity of a person, company, system or software.

At CONCART 2019, Valid aims to collaborate with the sector and showcase customized solutions that can transform notary and registry services in Brazil. “With the technologies used by Valid, it is possible to develop tools that offer greater security and legal validity,” explains Marcello Ribeiro, Valid Director of Identification.

In addition to biometrics and digital certificates, Valid’s portfolio also offers solutions for tracking, smart cities, and documents such as driver’s licenses.

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