Valid Collaborates With the State of Vermont to Roll Out New Driver’s Licenses and ID Cards

Valid Collaborates With the State of Vermont to Roll Out New Driver’s Licenses and ID Cards

Valid upgraded Vermont DMV solutions to add protection against identity fraud and increase card application processing efficiencies

Lisle, IL – August 8, 2019 – Valid, the leading provider of technology solutions for mobile, identity, data and payments, announces the implementation of a new Driver’s License and ID card solution across the State of Vermont. Valid’s identity card solutions use advanced security technology to better protect citizens against fraud along with an upgraded DMV infrastructure to monitor for cybersecurity risks and increase operational efficiency.

The new ID cards and licenses store users’ information on as many as five different layers within the card. With more than twenty distinct security features, the new card makes identity theft, counterfeiting and alteration virtually impossible. In an added effort to curb the usage of fake IDs, the new card solution contains certain images only visible when held underneath an ultraviolet light.

”Our partnership with Vermont not only involved the implementation of new cards, but the introduction of a more secure system offering better protection against identity fraud and increased stability across the entire state,” said Michael Fox, Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at Valid. “Many states recognize the need for enhanced security and are moving toward issuing more advanced cards that better protect citizens.”

In addition to new cards, Valid migrated Vermont DMV’s backend for card processing to an infrastructure hosted on Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) GovCloud regions. The software monitors cybersecurity risks through machine learning by pinpointing potential malicious actors and software that attack the identification system, and Valid’s infrastructure automatically initiates necessary measures to deal with the suspicious activity when identified.

Vermont DMV offices also received the first infrastructure upgrade in 15 years. The updated system ensures that identifying information is only entered once, ultimately increasing workflow efficiency for Vermont’s DMV offices. By leveraging the AWS hosted infrastructure, Valid’s team of experts completed the project within Vermont’s allocated budget and under the desired one-year timeframe.

“Valid’s advanced technology increases Vermont’s card security and allows us to be more vigilant in monitoring for fraud, protecting the identities of the people of Vermont,” said DMV Commissioner Wanda Minoli. “Valid’s expertise in this transformation was apparent throughout the entire process, allowing us to transition to the new cards and update our entire infrastructure with ease.”

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