YTL Communications’ Yes chooses Valid’s eSIM Solution for seamless User Experience

Madrid, Spain, January 17TH, 2024 – Yes, a leading mobile network operator by YTL Communications in Malaysia, is spearheading a transformative journey towards a fully digital onboarding experience for its eSIM subscribers.

In a strategic move to redefine the eSIM activation process, Yes has partnered with Valid, a leading provider of interoperable eSIM services around the world. Through Valid’s eSIM provisioning and orchestration solutions, Yes now empowers its customers with a seamless eSIM activation process via its market-leveling MyYes application (available in both Android and iOS), eliminating the need for manual process or individual QR codes to be scanned.

Embracing the Digital Onboarding Revolution

In the hyper-competitive mobile industry, offering customers a hassle-free, 100%  

digital experience is paramount. It is projected by Kaleido Intelligence that eSIM (and its successor iSIM) active connections will exceed 4.4 billion by 2028. As the leading all-digital techno in Malaysia, Yes correctly recognized the importance of using eSIM as a competitive lever and led the way in creating a 100% digital purchase and activation experience.

Valid: The Trusted Partner for seamless eSIM Activation

Yes’s selection of Valid as its partner for this transformation was natural. Valid brings an abundance of expertise to the table, not only providing eSIMs but also an entire suite of eSIM solutions from remote SIM provisioning to eSIM orchestration including digital onboarding, omnichannel eSIM activation and eSIM multi-sourcing. Valid’s robust technology empowers Yes to efficiently create, store, personalize, and download subscriber profiles onto eSIM devices, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for Yes customers, whether they are in Malaysia or abroad.

Empowering Mobile Operators with Valid’s Comprehensive Solutions

Valid’s suite of eSIM solutions forms the cornerstone of a seamless end-to-end eSIM implementation for mobile operators. Its Remote SIM Provisioning Platform equips Yes to manage eSIM subscriptions efficiently, delivering a smooth and hassle-free experience to its customers. Its Digital Profile Management capabilities such as On-Demand Profile Personalization and Adaptive Profile Generation, further enhance eSIM personalization, tailoring each subscriber’s profile to their unique needs.

In addition, Valid’s SDK seamlessly integrates eSIM management services into Yes’s mobile application, simplifying eSIM profile downloads and easing the customer experience. Valid’s eSIM solutions enabled Yes’s MyYes app complete control and management of eSIM profile downloads to deliver a 100% digital and seamless end-to-end eSIM experience to its customers.

Seamless Compatibility and Enhanced User Experience

Valid’s SDK solution’s outstanding feature is its compatibility with Android and iOS devices, guaranteeing a consistent user experience regardless of the device’s operating system. This compatibility ensures an enhanced user experience and full connectivity management through the MyYes mobile application.

A Decade of Trust and Excellence

Building on a decade-long partnership dating back to 2016, Yes has consistently recognized Valid’s professionalism, diligence, and alignment with their evolving requirements. This partnership is rooted in trust and a shared commitment to delivering high-quality services to Yes subscribers.

“We had conducted thorough testing of eSIM options prior to our selection.  Driven by our commitment to deliver the best user experience for our customers, we are the first operator in Malaysia and the region to offer a 100% digital app based eSIM experience for our subscribers, instead of relying on QR codes which is cumbersome and risky.  We are proud to pioneer this innovative approach in our market as we continuously seek to innovate and provide our customers with best-in-class solutions.” Stated Wing K. Lee, CEO of YTL Communications.

“Yes aspired to deliver a seamless customer eSIM onboarding experience through their MyYes app, a vision that Valid wholeheartedly supported and facilitated. Moreover, Valid demonstrated remarkable agility by committing to an impressively short Time-to-Market of less than three months. Our enduring partnership with Yes, spanning back to 2016, is built on a foundation of trust, with Valid providing SIM cards and OTA platforms. Yes, as the first 5G provider in Malaysia, underscores its unwavering commitment to digitalization and service excellence, with is completely align with Valid’s values,” shared Pierre Lassus, Global SVP of Software & Services at Valid.

About YTL Communications

YTL Communications Sdn Bhd (793634-V) is a subsidiary of YTL Power International Berhad and serves as the communications arm of YTL Corporation Berhad, a leading infrastructure conglomerate in Malaysia. YTL Communications Sdn Bhd is a global frontrunner in telecommunications and operates a mobile network called ‘Yes’, Malaysia’s first nationwide 4G provider. As the youngest operator with 92% population pure 4G coverage, the Yes network is the only network in Malaysia with a modern all-IP architecture. On the back of this advanced architecture, Yes became the first in Malaysia to provide nationwide VoLTE (Voice over LTE) in 2016 —five years ahead of all other telcos. In 2019, Yes successfully made Malaysia the second country in the world and the first in Asia to deploy Terragraph.

In 2021, Yes yet again emerged as Malaysia’s first 5G service provider to launch 5G and in May 2022, Yes launched Malaysia’s first unlimited and uncapped 5G service with the lowest tariff globally in line with the vision of “5G for All”. Beyond faster speed, 5G promises to deliver industrial grade latency and reliability which makes it uniquely capable of supporting industrial digitisation. As the 5G champion, Yes is well positioned to help Malaysia leapfrog and transform digitally. For more information about Yes mobile and broadband plans, kindly visit

About Valid

Valid (B³: VLID3 – ON) provides tailored solutions that integrate emerging technologies to enable secure, trusted experiences. From Data, Payments, Identity, Mobile to IoT, and Digital Certification, Valid offers a wide portfolio of services and solutions that accelerate the digital transformation of our clients’ business. With over 60 years of experience and more than 3,000 employees in 16 countries, Valid is the largest issuer of identification documents in Brazil, among the top 5 producers of SIM cards and the world’s largest manufacturers of banking cards. To learn more, visit

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