Beyond the Seal: Valid Contributes Towards Improvement of Tracking Process for Water in Brazil

For the Treasury Office, health inspection departments, and authorized water bottling companies, the seal serves as an instrument for tracking the origin of natural mineral water and electrolyte-enhanced water in Brazil. The aim is to fight illegal bottling of mineral water and to guarantee the quality of the product purchased by the consumer. Other significant outcomes of this project are increased tax collection by the states, and improved monitoring in the sector.

The certification seal for large bottles (10, 20, and 50 liters) is printed on security paper and affixed to the seal of returnable bottles. Valid is one of the most experienced companies in the world in the production of secure documents, and the water seal produced by the company includes robust anti-fraud intelligence. It contains security features such as alphanumeric numbering, a random check code, fluorescent printing on an invisible background that is sensitive to ultraviolet light, a scratch-off portion, holographic hot stamping, and a series of resources to prevent its reproduction.

Ten Brazilian states now require the seal on large bottles, and a few more are preparing to start regulating this market, including small disposable bottles.

The seal for disposable bottles is digital. The information required by the government for the product is printed and codified directly on the bottle, on the client’s production line. The Valid solution includes the installation of printing and control equipment, with no additional costs to the client.

Behind the seals (both physical and digital) is an integrated management system among the Treasury Office, health inspection departments, and authorized water bottling companies, also developed by Valid. The seals’ information is stored and is accessible to authorized users. Regulatory agents from the government and bottling companies can see the entire automated request process for seals. Water companies can also add value to their business with management information on the production and distribution collected by the system. In turn, the end user can verify the seal’s authenticity using their computer or mobile phone, anytime and anywhere. It’s a complete solution that serves the market’s entire ecosystem.

In addition to the successful implementation of water bottle tracking in Brazil, Valid continues to offer global Track & Trace solutions to the global market. From baggage and healthcare to product and retail, Valid’s comprehensive tracking solutions streamline processes, increase productivity, improve inventory management, reduce operational costs, and boost a brand’s value.

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