Mobile Operators should make a better usage of their data through AI, recommends Valid

By Leonardo Vince, Software & Services Diretor for  Mobile Solutions at Valid.


Mobile Operators should make a better usage of their data through AI, recommends Valid

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The mobile operators don’t use all their data potential captured by their networks, alert Leonardo Vince, Software & Services Director at Valid, for mobile solutions. According to the executive’s opinion, there is still space for MNOs to leverage data with AI like subscribers’ mass displacement for big cities throughout the day. This could be transformed into products, helping governments plan public transport, for example, or supporting a retailer choose the best location to open a new point of sale.

Valid’s executive credits that the low use is due to excessive distress to be against the law of data protection, like European GDPR or Brazilian LGPD. But it is possible to treat data in a way to evolve new businesses as well as respecting the law.

“Companies are stricter than the law. GDPR wasn’t created to make businesses impractical, but to protect the individuals. There is no problem in evolving businesses with information that already exists if you don’t individualize the data,’’ he explains. ‘’’I think there is a misunderstanding about what’s the correct usage of user’s data without relating to the individuals behind it. You need to be responsible of this usage and the data, that’s for sure. The mobile operator shouldn’t keep information it doesn’t need or data that identifies an individual. Respecting these limits, the mobile operator can and should use the data.’’

Vince even proposes that the mobile operators should use AI to improve their own products and invent new features too. And also make a reference of AI use in cases of merges and acquisitions, to integrate efficiently the products in every portfolio. ‘’Artificial intelligence can help combining data from businesses and create insights that don’t exist today. Imagine a business that sells CRM acquiring another offering quality of experience analysis: joining these two different technologies and sharing historic data is possible to generate value.’’

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