What Will Give IoT A Leg Up In 2020

Published in VM Blog on January 16, 2020

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What Will Give IoT A Leg Up In 2020

By Franco Zaro, Director of IoT Business Development at Valid

Young IoT technology, such as connected homes and wearables, are little by little taking over the market mainly for three reasons: devices are getting smarter, prices are going down and 5G is streamlining processes. In this article, Franco Zaro, director of IoT business development at Valid, illustrates these three points, digs into how he sees the integration of IoT further developing in 2020.

  1. Devices are getting smarter

User adoption is making progress in being able to integrate devices with mobile phones, which is basically an extension of ourselves. With users having the option to control a plethora of connected devices from a mobile phone, the integration of IoT in daily lives will become an effortless process from a user standpoint.

  1. Prices are becoming more reasonable

Advanced smart devices are no longer restricted to a geek-techy cast due to accessible pricing and/or some sponsoring created by Telcos aiming to capture their users by contracts. In 2020, more reasonably priced devices will allow for a new cast of end-users that would have otherwise shied away from IoT integration due to the price, like those looking to virtually connect their homes

  1. Implementing 5G will require massive change

5G will still be in the initial stages of deployment and require a massive change of hardware since it’s entirely different equipment. The slower implementation is a result of regulations that are still under discussion related to personal information and the treatment of data. However, once the framework of massive adoption is created, 5G will create the beginning of ‘the end of the world as we know it’. Every day we will have access to hyper-connectivity provided with speed and a capacity that has never been experienced before. It will give any sensor, vehicle, structure, camera and basically any kind of device or wearable the ability to provide a large number of features. A few to mention include, access and measures, behavior, and perform transactions (such as payments). It will also provide the ability to report a status or even provide real-time decisions through an AI engine. In summary, the beginning of a connected and controlled world.


About the Author

Franco Zaro

Franco Zaro is the director of IoT business development at Valid, a provider of technology solutions for mobile, identity, data and payments. Franco has more than 20 years of experience working in the software solutions and services space.

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