eSIM Technology: Creating A Fully Connected World

Connected Living, IoT, and Connected Things are terms that may not sound familiar to the everyday consumer but are already a reality for many.

Since 2014, the addition of SIM cards in some high-end cars gave the added value of connectivity. However, this technology that was originally an “extra” feature will become mandatory in a few months. According to regulations of the EU, starting in 2018 cars must be able to make emergency calls (ecall), therefore automatically requiring connectivity.

Additionally in the industrial world, more and more traceability applications require that shipments need to be “connected”.

These are only two examples for M2M applications that will be widespread with the use of the eUICC or eSIM (embedded SIM) which will eliminate the need to enter it or activate it in our mobile phone. Each “connected” device will include a tiny chip that will provide us with the needed connectivity to fully enter into the IoT world.

In the consumer world, everything that is not M2M, eSIM technology enables loading more than one operator profile on a mobile phone. This is accomplished through the use of a very small chip that will allow the devices of the future to be even thinner, lighter, and enable various features unavailable until now.

Valid is heavily investing in eSim technology, actively taking part in the committees of key industry associations such as GSMA, GlobalPlatform and SIMalliance. These associations are where the rules of eSIM are defined and assist with the implementation of this revolutionary technology to reach all consumers.

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