Post-secondary institutions and the challenge of taking academic records from paper to digital

By Jairo Lima – Commercial Supervisor & Alexandre Okamoto – Digital Manager

It’s now the law. Brazilian Decree no. 9,235 and Ordinance 315 require post-secondary institutions to implement a “design for a digital academic archive, using a method that ensures the integrity and authenticity of all information contained in the original documents.” This is a resolution that impacts the market in several different ways.

Colleges receive and produce a series of documents regarding students’ academic histories. This results in huge physical archives, which is infeasible in this day and age. The costs of storage, security risks, and the time it takes to organize and manage these records make academic archives a bureaucratic, unwieldly nightmare.

Digital transformation has become essential to the key processes in various markets. Solutions such as Electronic Document Management (EDM) have been part of Valid’s portfolio for years. When applied to the academic world, it enables students’ documents to be retrieved quickly, supporting documentation to be organized, documents for Ministry of Education audits to be tracked, plus offering greater flexibility when handling requests, complete security of information (it would go from being on paper, inside a folder, inside a file cabinet, in a building, to being housed in the cloud or in the college’s infrastructure), and reduction of the costs associated with these processes.

From the student’s point of view, they can have access to their transcripts and diplomas, track requests, and any other business requirements via the web. They can do this from their homes, via a practical and efficient digital experience.

In addition to EDM, Valid offers document scanning services, OCR, and validation of templates and data, through modules that can be added to a digital onboarding process.

Processing routines and automated rules enable the bot to operate 24 hours per day, thus providing an SLA that meets our clients’ needs.

Valid is one of Brazil’s most experienced companies in secure data storage. In addition to this decades-old expertise, Valid Digital Certification will be adding onto this project as determined in Par. IV of Art. 46 of Ministry of Education Ordinance no 315: “use of ICP-Brasil standard digital certification, as regulated under Law, by the representatives of the institution and its owner company, to ensure the authenticity, integrity, and legal validity of the records.”

Another major, legally enforceable change is the e-Diploma. Ministry of Education Ordinance no. 554 sets out that the digital recording and issuance of undergraduate diplomas must be implemented by March 2021. These digital documents will have legal validity via a signature with a digital certification and a timestamp, which are solutions offered by Valid Digital Certification.

The digital transformation for colleges will vastly improve business processes.

If you work at a school or college, choose a partner with experience in the digital journey that can guarantee results that go far beyond compliance with the legislation.

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