Technology: Solving Yesterday’s Problems

Technology:  Solving Yesterday’s Problems

From wildfires, earthquakes, industrial and underground accidents, to reckless drivers, shoplifting, and pickpockets.

By: Franco Zaro, Director of Business Development & Sales Support

5G is around the corner and LTE already took place long time ago; but what does it mean for a farmer, miner, storeowner, or someone using public transportation?    

Cellphones during 2G and 3G communicated using signaling until LTE came to stay. We switched the signaling for data packages using phones and devices the same way we use internet and computers to communicate each other. Now, we are able to use more and more data, image, and voice using direct and interactive communication.

What does that mean for the next step with 5G? The answer is not that you will perceive a faster network, although you definitely will, the response is simple: the limitation of having a connected world was always the capacity to have a network capable to deal with multiple connectivity. It means if LTE is already good, with 5G and the capacity increased 100 times, it will be amazingly good. Today, the capacity of our network is no longer the problem; we have a huge space to connect things and people.

Now, we can place a sensor, camera, or tracker into anything resulting in a smartly connected, integrated, and more controlled world. By doing so we can avoid risky situations, control flow, quality, existence or not existence, provide security, be active or have better reactions, making machines, devices, and humans more productive.

If this sounds scary, imagine how it sounds for someone who is making a salary stealing from stores where his face and presence will be public. Imagine the productivity of a farmer having the exact amount of water and fertilizer in the correct spot. Think about miners underground that can receive alerts avoiding or predicting risky situations. Consider an Inventory Manager every night using an old barcode reader, now having a perfect real time inventory and going home early to enjoy more family time.

This may sounds like fiction, but let us talk next year to see where we will be by then.

At Valid, we provide you Identity Management, Biometrics, Facial Recognition, AI for video surveillance and the Internet of everything.

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