Being Customer Centric, Being Efficient, and Taking Care of People is the Name of “The Game” at Valid

By Anne Markle, Vice President of Manufacturing, USA Region

What game are you playing? Well, at Valid “The Game” means following our three key pillars every day in everything we do. These three pillars are: Being Customer Centric, Being Efficient and Taking Care of People. So, let’s take a bit of time to explore each of these pillars and what they “really” mean for our employees and customers.

Being Customer Centric is a statement that most companies make in one way or another, so how is it different at Valid? Being Customer Centric at Valid is about the experience we provide to our customers, our vendors, and our team members. In order for Valid to be successful, it all begins with the customer experience at every level. This experience is about communication, quality, innovation and, most of all, integrity. Integrity means we do what we say, when we say we will do it.

Being Efficient is doing the best with the least. These are the goals we work towards each day and processes we have in place to achieve true efficiency:
–   Produce top quality and ahead of schedule
–   Deliver proofs delivered before the SLA (Service Level Agreement) time
–   Execute a machine maintenance program that allows for increased throughput
–   Train Supervisors and Operators to maximize time & efforts
–   Implement Lean methodology to continuously improve
Through efficiency we increase our capacity to take on more, learn more, and grow more.

Care of People is about ALL people including team members, clients, vendors, and our community. The world today is often filled with an “all about me” ideology, but at Valid we approach each and every day with a shift in mindset to one of respect, communication, caring, and support to all we serve. Servant leadership is prospering at our company as we truly take Care of People.

Playing “The Game” each and every day is who we are at Valid. It is part of our DNA!

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