2018 USPS® Move Update Standard Changes: Are You and Your Data Prepared?

By Roger Holmes, Technical Lead – Processing Services, US Region

Are you aware of a change to the USPS® method for verifying address quality that will create a big impact on Mail Service Providers and their customers?

What is the Move Update Standard?

Starting in April 2018, the USPS will send monthly invoices to Mail Service Providers (MSP) who could receive significant penalties if more than 0.5% of their previous month’s mail does not contain the recipient’s updated address. Moves that took place within 95 days and 18 months of the mail date are included within this evaluation. The invoice amount is based on an 8 cent charge for each piece of outdated addressed mail above the 0.5% threshold for the month. If the MSP is invoiced, it is up to their discretion as to how they will pass this charge along to their customers. The MSP will most likely use the tools within the USPS Customer Gateway to see which mailings caused the most Move Update errors. Mail owners should talk to their database management company and MSP to see how they will handle Move Update compliance charges.

What can you do to prepare for the Move Update Standard changes?

Not sure how you are impacted or where to start? Valid offers many resources to reduce the possibility of Move Update compliance charges and other forms of Undeliverable as Addressed (UAA) mail. As a full-service 48-month change-of-address vendor, Valid can apply the most recent addresses utilizing our proprietary and licensed data hygiene applications. We can also assist with the removal of any records that are marked as undeliverable such as a closed PO Box, foreign moves, and vacant lots which could count against your Move Update threshold. Valid also offers our Profiler tool that scrubs addresses and increases the chance of matching through the change-of-address process. Other expense-saving solutions in addition to full-service change-of-address data cleansing include properly organizing your data file sent to the MSP and ensuring the proper assignment of zip+4 codes. These services will reduce your chances of sending UAA mail and, ultimately, improve your bottom line.

For more information about the USPS Move Standard changes or Valid’s proprietary data solutions, please call us at 855.825.4387 or write

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