Since 2013, Valid has chosen to invest in technology, developing our own Smart Card personalization system capable of writing and testing all of our cards produced in factories. This personalization platform, called VSPS (Valid Smart Perso Solution), has grown over the years, gaining new functionalities and components to meet demands and new market specifications that constantly arise in the market. Besides its presence in Valid’s factories, VSPS is used by other companies around the world. In 2016, 19,737,219 cards were personalized and tested in Brazil using this solution.

Now in 2018, Valid continues to innovate. In partnership with personalization bureaus based out of Valid’s factories, we have implemented and trained our partners on the VSPS platform and enabled their local teams, thus advancing our offer of Valid personalization systems and services around the world.

With these partnerships, in addition to installing the VSPS platform, Valid enables our clients to carry out the migration and personalization of Dual-Interface products to meet the requirements of the top banks and issuers worldwide who utilize EMV Chip Card technology.

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