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Valid Partners With 1oT to Disrupt IoT Connectivity with a new eSIM Solution

Valid and 1oT release a new eSIM solution that allows customers to swap between mobile carriers without switching their physical SIM Valid, the innovative eSIM solution provider and 1oT, the virtual connectivity provider for global IoT device makers, announce a partnership introducing a full end-to-end eSIM solution for the IoT space. The combination of Valid's eSIM technology and subscription Read more

IoT Device
SIM cards

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Valid to Sponsor Money20/20 USA

27-30 October 2019 Valid is a sponsor of the upcoming Money20/20 event taking place on October 27-30 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Valid’s Payments Solutions teams from across the globe will be in attendance to demonstrate the latest innovations in payment solutions technology including mobile banking, secure card production, EMV, personalization services, secure Read more

mobile banking
Payment Solutions
secure card packaging

Establishing a Culture of Security in an Organization

Published in Silicon Republic on October 18, 2019 See published article here. __ Martin Kurpiel is the senior vice-president of Valid, a global technology provider that offers a robust portfolio of payment, mobile, data and identity solutions. Here, he discusses the importance of engendering a culture of security in an organisation in order to successfully safeguard data. Tell me Read more

Data Protection
data security
organizational security

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Why Bans on Facial Recognition Could Stifle Tech Innovation

By: Kevin Freiburger, Director of Identity Programs at Valid The idea of facial recognition applications in the public sector was once a seemingly impossible task. Early facial analysis software algorithms didn’t produce accurate or reliable results, systems were disproportionately inaccurate across certain genders and races, and the infrastructure required to power the system required a significant IT effort to Read more

facial recognition

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The Secure Side of Innovation

By: Surinder Dhar - Director of Mobile Solutions, Business Development Innovation is the cornerstone of any enterprise that aspires to be a market leader or to maintain their leadership position. Although security is top of mind for most enterprises, it is still not part of their innovation cycle. This is evident in the survey by Bromium (The CISOs Dilemma: Read more

Architectural Risk Analysis
product development
security by design
Security Training
session fixation attack
threat modeling

Titanium, ESDs and No Annual Fee: How Apple Card’s Limited Rollout Was a Smart Manufacturing Move

By: Suresh Kumar - Director of Payment Technology & Product Management Apple has entered new territory with its first-ever credit card — and the tech giant’s not taking any risks. Before making it available to the masses in August, Apple rolled out the heavy titanium card to only a limited number of targeted users. And from a manufacturing standpoint, Read more

Apple Card
consumer experience
credit card
titanium card

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Data Attic – discover gold in your data

By: Vikram Shanbhag – Vice President of Data Solutions Picture this moment – It’s around the Thanksgiving holiday, you have taken time off and decide to rummage through your old stuff stored away in the attic.  You come across pictures, old diaries, post-it notes and other scraps of paper – some of them decades old, simply put aside for Read more

Customer Data Platform
dark data
data attic

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Facial recognition can protect our kids: here’s how to convince parents

By: Kevin Freiberger, Director of Identity Programs at Valid The New York State Education Department blocked facial recognition software testing in schools merely weeks before it was set to begin. This comes despite reassurances from the Lockport City School District that it would only enter the information of significant threats (like suspended or expelled students and sex offenders) into Read more

facial recognition

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IoT is Rewriting Digital Transformation

By: Surinder Dhar - Director of Mobile Solutions, Business Development IoT and Digital Transformation are two initiatives taking the world by storm and are rapidly taking us towards a more digital future. While we have been heading in this direction since the late 1990s, when they were termed M2M and Computerization respectively, we have now passed the inflation point Read more

Digital Transformation

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IoT is Driving Advancements in Agriculture

By: Surinder Dhar, Director of Mobile Solutions - Business Development The impressive gains in global food production during so-called "Green Revolution” have subsided over the time and are too small to keep pace with population growth. The world population will reach 9.6 billion by 2050. The challenges of extreme weather conditions, rising climate change, and environmental impact resulting from Read more

agricultural drones
livestock management
precision farming
smart greenhouses

Is the public sector ready for mobile IDs?

Is The Public Sector Ready For Mobile IDs? BY KEVIN FREIBURGER June 27, 2019 Mobile identification is no longer just a digital replica of a traditional drivers’ license or state ID. Today, digital identity management has evolved to take full advantage of security features offered by smart mobile devices. But is the public sector ready to accommodate? Traditional plastic-card Read more

mobile ids

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Valid Speaks at Amazon’s Recent Conference

27 May 2019 On Monday, May 27th, Amazon hosted one of the most trending and important shows related to Cloud Services in Colombia. Such event was mainly organized to demonstrate the AWS Cloud Computing platform with the purpose of educating current and potential users about what Amazon’s platform has to offer. Many of Read more

cloud services
mobile banking
Payment Solutions

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Valid Helps Government of Guam, Department of Revenue and Taxation, Achieve Real ID Compliance Certification from Department of Homeland Security

Lisle, IL - Feb. 25, 2019 - Valid, the leading provider of technology solutions for mobile, identity, data and payments, announced its client, The Government of Guam, Department of Revenue and Taxation (DRT), received formal approval of Real ID Compliance from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Valid has been a partner with Guam through the process of upgrades, Read more

Department of Homeland Security
Driver's Licence
ID cards
Real ID

Valid Sponsors the 2019 CohereOne Catalog & Integrated Marketing Summit

24-25 April 2019 Valid is a proud sponsor of the CohereOne Catalog & Integrated Marketing Summit.  This year’s theme is Integrated: The Smarter Path to Profitability. Strategies for synchronizing print, digital, and social media for maximum impact. The Summit is an absolute must-attend event for merchant companies desiring to integrate print and digital Read more



What the Win-Win Partnership Between Apple and Goldman Sachs Means for Payments

Written By Alberto Hernandez - Chief Operating Officer at Valid Apple is ready to get even closer to your wallet, and it has a recognizable partner to help win a permanent spot. Joining forces with a finance giant like Goldman Sachs is part of Apple’s latest effort to revolutionize an established industry — but the partnership is mutually beneficial. Read more


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Community banks are losing the payment tech battle

By Alberto Hernandez - Chief Operating Officer at Valid Community banks are enjoying some of the most fertile economic conditions for growth. A combination of low interest rates, a roaring economy and loosened regulations in recent years have come together to create optimal conditions for all banking institutions to thrive. Yet despite this opportunity, community banks are slipping compared Read more


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How 5G could neutralize Net Neutrality

Just over a year ago, the US Congress repealed the FCC's Net Neutrality ruling - a ruling that made it illegal for mobile and internet providers to charge more for access to certain sites or platform. While Congress is gearing up for another fight, this time to reinstate Net Neutrality, one expert says it may no longer be needed. Read more

Net neutrality

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Technology: Solving Yesterday’s Problems

Technology:  Solving Yesterday’s Problems From wildfires, earthquakes, industrial and underground accidents, to reckless drivers, shoplifting, and pickpockets. By: Franco Zaro, Director of Business Development & Sales Support 5G is around the corner and LTE already took place long time ago; but what does it mean for a farmer, miner, storeowner, or someone using public transportation?     Cellphones during 2G and Read more


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How Insurance is Changing in the Age of Data

Using location data provides many opportunities for insurers. Customers are becoming more receptive to the idea of sharing their data in order to benefit from financial products and services. What does this mean for insurance companies? Almost six in ten consumers are open to sharing location data and lifestyle information in exchange for decreased pricing in financial products and Read more

customer data
location data

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Biometric Identification in Healthcare Doesn’t Replace Data Security Best Practices

By: Michael Fox – Chief Commercial Officer, Identity Solutions  While no system is foolproof, biometrics are vastly more accurate and secure ways to identify patients because they measure a physical trait (something you are) rather than a piece of knowledge (something you know e.g., passwords, ssn, PIN). Cases of mistaken identity can have devastating consequences in healthcare. A newborn Read more

data security

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Idealliance Certifies Valid as G7® Experts

Valid is dedicated to the professional development of our employees in the USA and abroad. Through continued education, we ensure the commitment to our clients worldwide by reducing costs, speeding product to the marketplace, maintaining our client’s brand image, exceeding print production requirements, and delivering consistency and quality. G7® certification is the most recognized international specification for color management. Read more

color management
EFI Connect
G7 Certification
print production

5 Ways to Avoid Sabotaging Your Digital Marketing

By Brenda McGowan – Client Development Director, Data Solutions I recently attended a large, B2B conference and was delighted to find several educational tracks that focused on various facets of marketing. As digital marketing continues to escalate, I wanted to find some useful takeaways our clients may find helpful, or at least serve as a reminders while navigating the Read more

digital marketing
end-to-end data
lead generation
marketing channels
marketing goals

Latin America: The Materialization of 5G Over the Next Decade

By: Leonel Cuevas - Solution Sales LATAM The GSMA Mobile 360 Series - Latin America was held in Buenos Aires at the start of December, and Valid took part along with other companies and players from the industry. Through different presentations and panels, the industry's primary challenges looking to the future were addressed, and the 5G network was one of Read more

GSMA Mobile 360 Series

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The Blockchain of Everything

By: Franco Zaro - Director of Business Development and Sales Support As a good Chilean, I’m a huge fan of football (soccer in American) and I remember the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, it was the year of the Selfie. During Russia’s World Cup in 2018, it was the year of streaming which allowed us to be connected in Read more

Internet of Things

Key Takeaways from Homeland Security Week (USA)

By: David Lytle, Client Development Director – Data Solutions & Rick Harbour, CEO of VSGI David Lytle, Client Development Director – Data Solutions and Rick Harbour, CEO of VSGI attended Homeland Security Week on October 22-24, 2018 in Washington D.C., USA which brought together top homeland security leaders from government, industry and academia to discuss current challenges and future Read more

artificial intelligence
business data
Data Enrichment
data quality
demographic data
email data
file preprocessing services
government data
homeland security week
Machine Learning
master data management

Application of RFID, a Case Study

By: Rafael Franco - Tracking Solutions Engineer RFID technology has been described in previous articles; this time, the intention is to provide a case study on the applicability of this technology. There is a wide range of uses for RFID and while it can be found in all different applications, its most common use is for remotely identifying and accounting Read more

inventory management
retail tracking
RFID tags

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CA Prop 65 Tricks and Traps

By: Emilija Rasinskaite and Chris Mermigas - USA Legal Team New changes to California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, more commonly referred to as “Proposition 65” or “Prop 65,” has had a ripple effect from retail sellers all the way back to manufacturers and component suppliers such as Valid. Valid, like other manufacturers and suppliers, Read more

CA Prop 65
Prop 65
Proposition 65

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Phishing: Constant Vigilance

By: Chris Mermigas, Senior Corporate Counsel, USA Region  Valid’s different business offerings focus on the secure side of innovation whether it be protecting the identity on a credit card or driver’s license or protecting our clients’ confidential information. In this digital age, a thief is no longer dropping in from the ventilation system to steal files from computers. The thief Read more

cyber security
phishing emails

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Interoperability and the Digital Payment Ecosystem

By: Franco Zaro, Solutions Manager On October 20-24, Valid sponsored and participated in Money20/20 USA in Las Vegas, NV; one of the most prominent global events related to mobile financial solutions. We were impressed to see the rapid growth of this dynamic industry which was reflected in this multidisciplinary event. Every day we have begun to see more and Read more

digital payment
mobile banking
peer-to-peer transactions
Valid Secure Services Hub
virtual credit card

The Business Environment and Risk Scenario

By: Luiz Cláudio Borges - Supervisor, Management Systems & Risks and IT Governance The word “risk” has its origins in Old Italian - it derives from the word “risicare,” which means “to dare.” Since the dawn of time, humanity has been forced to learn that being daring is the best way to overcome obstacles. Little by little, taking risks in Read more

analysis model
business environment
management system standards
risk intelligence
risk scenario

The Importance of Internal Customer Service

By: Tracey Campagna - Customer Service Representative, USA Region If an employee can think of their colleagues as internal customers, the work they do and the attitude with which they do it, would change dramatically. Everyone works for the customer, but a large number of employees don’t ever communicate directly with them. Production employees, maintenance, IT, team leaders and many Read more

internal customer service
organizational culture

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User Experience: at the Heart of Digital Banking

By: Leonel Cuevas - Solution Sales, LATAM Region The financial industry, as with many others, is being transformed by technology. To keep up with this transformation, banks are being forced to change their business model and the way they relate to their clients. Since it is currently possible to open and close an account with just a few clicks, Read more

digital banking
digital payments
multiple channels
user experience
Valid Secure Services Hub

Sustainable and Secure Production

By: Willians Jander de Souza, Project Analyst With an increasingly competitive market, what sets a company apart is the experience their solution provides, and the quality of their products. But many companies are cautious about innovating their products. The production of plastic cards has evolved along with the demands of the payment methods market, and Valid offers a broad portfolio Read more

recycled plastic cards
Recycled PVC
secure cards
sustainable card production

Technological Innovation

By: Leonardo de Oliveira da Silva - DBA I To do new things, to develop something out of the ordinary, to change customs and practices, means to innovate. And when we decide to face situations from a different perspective, specifically in terms of the globalized world, to address a certain problem, we are talking about technological innovation. There are Read more

technological innovation

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So…Is it RFID or Tracking?

By: Ricardo Malizia - Manager of Tracking Solutions Ready? Let’s go! RFID means Radio Frequency IDentification, which is an automatic method for remotely accessing data through electromagnetic waves. These waves generate an electrical current when captured by an antenna, which then directs this current to a chip, which is energized, enabling it to communicate data recorded in its memory. Read more

Data Matrix
QR code
Radio Frequency Identification
Smart Tag

Valid to Sponsor IoT Tech Expo

28-29 Nov. 2018 Valid is a sponsor of the upcoming IoT Tech Expo event taking place on November 28-29 in Santa Clara, California.  Our Mobile Solutions and Software & Services teams from across the globe will be in attendance to demonstrate the latest innovations in our IoT solutions, including a demonstration of some of Read more

connected supply chain
intelligent city
Internet of Things
IoT Tech Expo
Mobile Solutions
smart building & facilities management
smart grid data management
Software & Services

Valid Sponsors 2018 AAMVA International Conference

On August 21-23, representatives from Valid’s Identity Solutions team, Data Solutions team, and executive management, attended the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) International Conference. Valid’s cross functional representation at the event demonstrates our commitment to offering comprehensive Identity Solutions to the motor vehicle community including front & back office configurable workflows, biometric software, central issuance, mobile driver’s Read more

AAMVA International Conference
data solutions
identity solutions
motor vehicles


Since 2013, Valid has chosen to invest in technology, developing our own Smart Card personalization system capable of writing and testing all of our cards produced in factories. This personalization platform, called VSPS (Valid Smart Perso Solution), has grown over the years, gaining new functionalities and components to meet demands and new market specifications that constantly arise in the Read more

Smart Card
Valid Smart Perso Solution

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GDPR Compliance Part 2: The Data Protection Revolution Continues to Spread

By: Chris Mermigas – Senior Corporate Counsel, USA Region The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) began enforcement on May 25, 2018, and has caused waves throughout the globe. Establishing rights and protections for the personal data of citizens of the EU, the GDPR applies to anyone who handles or possesses personal data of EU citizens or otherwise monitors Read more

California Consumer Protection Act
Data Protection

How to Improve a Good Thing…Key Takeaways from an Industry-Leading Chief Marketing Officer

By Brenda McGowan, Client Development Director – Data Solutions, USA Region Last month, I had the pleasure of attending a regional American Marketing Association event. While in attendance, I found myself quickly jotting down notes, thinking these are “too good not to share”! One of the featured speakers, a leading Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and industry veteran of a Read more

Chief Marketing Officer

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IoT – A New Concept

By: Rogério Loureiro, Manager - Digital The term “IoT” is all the rage in the world of IT. I’ve seen many posts and articles in various media covering the fact that, like many other trends, the IoT is becoming more and more common in our daily lives. The first use of the term “IoT” has been attributed to MIT researcher Read more

big data
cloud computing
Internet of Things
Programmable Logic Controllers

Valid has been Accredited by GSMA for Subscription Management

Accredited by GSMA for Subscription Management Valid has been named an accredited supplier for the GSMA Association for Subscription Management (SAS-SM), for the data center located in the Madrid manufacturing plant. This SAS-SM certification is requested as the necessary security grade by the Mobile Network Operators worldwide, willing to delegate their subscription management services to a third-party Read more

Subscription Management

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Geo-Fencing Vs Geo-Framing…There is a new kid in town!

By:  Brenda McGowan - Data Solutions, USA Region Geo-Fencing vs. Geo-Framing As digital display advertising is continuing to gain momentum with marketers as a more “cost effective” means to reach customers and prospects than traditional methods, it’s good know the differences in approach and how new technologies may improve your Ad Spend! Not all “GEO” technologies are the Read more


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Single SIM Card Functionality: 3 Ways You Can Face the Most Common Mobility IoT Challenges

By:  Franco Zaro, Nicolas Quiroga, Rolando Hernandez - Mobile Solutions, USA Region The exponential growth of IoT (Internet of Things) is closely related to how technology has addressed many unanswered questions regarding security, reliability and user-friendly solutions. Along with these three “must have” elements, IoT technology evolves with mobility, transforming it into the arrowhead of the Digital Revolution. A Read more


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Facial Biometrics: The New Face of Secure Identification

Facial biometrics are a giant leap ahead of fingerprinting biometrics. First developed in the 1960s, the technology has become more accessible to the mass market, for both law enforcement and private consumers. Studies show facial biometrics will be the future of secure identification. Even though it is still an emerging technology, the industry is set to hit $7.76 billion Read more

biometric data
facial biometrics
facial recognition
liveliness detection

Disaster Recovery Best Practices for Credential Issuance

By: Chuck Wilson, Content Proposal Manager - Identity Solutions, USA Region Most, if not all, Driver’s License/ID card contracts include provisions for Disaster Recovery (DR) by specifying backup production facilities to ensure a timely response to demand in the face of interruptions at the primary production facilities. Experience has shown most secondary DR facilities that are only operated in the Read more

credential issuance
disaster recovery
disaster recovery best practices
DR Best Practices

Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team: How Valid Creates a Results-Oriented Organizational Culture

By Anne Markle - Vice President of Manufacturing, USA Region From new solutions to new global locations, Valid is continuously adapting and evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and the world around us. With our continued growth and success, our leadership team has grown and changed as well. In an ever-evolving technological climate, it is more Read more

5 dysfunctions of a team

The Top 5 Best Practices For A Municipal Services Card Program

By Chuck Wilson, Content Proposal Manager - Identity Solutions, USA Region While the debate about necessity and validity of municipal identity credentials is becoming a polarizing political issue, there is an unmet civil need for access to services offered by local municipalities. Regardless with which side of the political divide one may associate, there is no denying that a non- Read more

best practices
ID cards
Municipal Identification Card
municipal services
municipal services card program

eSIM Technology: Creating A Fully Connected World

Connected Living, IoT, and Connected Things are terms that may not sound familiar to the everyday consumer but are already a reality for many. Since 2014, the addition of SIM cards in some high-end cars gave the added value of connectivity. However, this technology that was originally an "extra" feature will become mandatory in a few months. According to Read more

eSIM technology

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Artificial Intelligence at the Helm

They analyze behavior, learn from errors, draw conclusions, and make decisions. I’m talking about machines, more connected than ever, with big data solutions and deep learning algorithms. There’s a revolution afoot in marketing and in business. Smart cars, factories, and houses are currently the most popular markets. But the disruptive capacity of Artificial Intelligence is also moving into other Read more

artificial intelligence

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Valid Presents Success Case at the MVNOs World Congress

Valid is in attendance at the MVNOs World Congress 2018 opening the eSIM Connect panel sharing our seamless global LTE connectivity success case in the broadcasting industry. Jose Manuel Castro, Valid's Vice President of Strategic Business Development, and Carel Begeer, Business Developer from Skymond, take to the stage to present the success case that enables broadcasters to focus on Read more

LTE Connectivity
MVNOs World Congress
Success Case

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Beyond the Seal: Valid Contributes Towards Improvement of Tracking Process for Water in Brazil

For the Treasury Office, health inspection departments, and authorized water bottling companies, the seal serves as an instrument for tracking the origin of natural mineral water and electrolyte-enhanced water in Brazil. The aim is to fight illegal bottling of mineral water and to guarantee the quality of the product purchased by the consumer. Other significant outcomes of this project Read more

certification seal
track & trace
water bottle seal
water in brazil
water seal tracking

Being Customer Centric, Being Efficient, and Taking Care of People is the Name of “The Game” at Valid

By Anne Markle, Vice President of Manufacturing, USA Region What game are you playing? Well, at Valid “The Game” means following our three key pillars every day in everything we do. These three pillars are: Being Customer Centric, Being Efficient and Taking Care of People. So, let’s take a bit of time to explore each of these pillars and Read more

Being Efficient
Care of People
Customer Centric
The Game

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2018 USPS® Move Update Standard Changes: Are You and Your Data Prepared?

By Roger Holmes, Technical Lead - Processing Services, US Region Are you aware of a change to the USPS® method for verifying address quality that will create a big impact on Mail Service Providers and their customers? What is the Move Update Standard? Starting in April 2018, the USPS will send monthly invoices to Mail Service Providers (MSP) who Read more

Move Update Standard
USPS Move Update

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GDPR Compliance: Is Your Organization Ready?

By Chris Mermigas, Senior Corporate Counsel, US Region The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) will soon be enforced. But how many employees, or executive members of your organization know what the GDPR is and why they should care about it? Is it IT’s problem? Is it Legal’s problem? Is it Sales’ problem? Whose problem is it? With the enforcement date Read more

GDPR Compliance
General Data Protection Regulation

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Understanding Blockchain Technology within an Evolving Identity Ecosystem

By Chuck Wilson, Content Proposal Manager - Identity Solutions In our globalized economy with people who travel, work and recreate in diverse areas, a widespread, digital identity system has become an internationally shared goal. A number of firms are focused on Blockchain technology as enablers for parties independent of each other to rely on the same, shared, secure, and Read more

identity ecosystem
identity solutions

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Top 5 Best Practices for a USA Municipal Services Card Program

By Chuck Wilson, Content Proposal Manager - Identity Solutions, USA Region While the debate about necessity and validity of municipal identity credentials is becoming a polarizing political issue, there is an unmet civil need for access to services offered by local municipalities. Regardless with which side of the political divide one may associate, there is no denying that a Read more

card program
identity solutions
municipal services
municipal services card program

Valid Sponsors the AAMVA International Conference

21-23 August 2018 During this event we will be offering demonstrations of WebLink ID, our web-based identity system software that turns any authorized PC with Internet or Intranet access into a feature-rich photo ID card processing workstation. The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization developing model programs in Read more

AAMVA Conference
AAMVA International Conference
Driver's License

Valid Sponsors the AAMVA Region IV Conference

9-12 July 2018 During this event we will be offering demonstrations of WebLink ID, our web-based identity system software that turns any authorized PC with Internet or Intranet access into a feature-rich photo ID card processing workstation. The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization developing model programs in Read more

AAMVA Conference
Driver's License
Region 4
Region IV

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Valid Sponsors the AAMVA Region II Conference

18-21 June 2018 During this event we will be offering demonstrations of WebLink ID, our web-based identity system software that turns any authorized PC with Internet or Intranet access into a feature-rich photo ID card processing workstation. The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization developing model programs in Read more

AAMVA Conference
Driver's License
Region 1

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State of the Data Industry Infographic

In an evolving digital landscape, it is becoming increasingly important for organizations to utilize data in meaningful and actionable ways. Data can be used to not only improve the customer experience, but anticipate future needs and deliver unique messages customized for each recipient. Read on to learn more about the rapidly evolving state of the data industry and where it Read more

big data
continuous intelligence
customer experience
data industry
marketing analytics

Security Fraud Infographic

Security fraud has moved from the physical to the digital and, as a result, a new victim of identity theft occurs every 2 seconds. As fraud continues to evolve, so should the level of protection of your data, social media accounts, and payment information. Valid continues to develop advanced solutions to protect you in an increasingly digital world. Read more

identity theft
security fraud

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2018 Highlights from Valid Data Solutions

Last year, Valid’s Data Solutions provided our clients a 360° view of their customers by unifying disparate data sources that allowed them to deliver exceptional brand experiences. Take a look at a complete view of the impressive 2018 highlights from our Data Solutions Team. To learn more about how Valid can increase your company’s Marketing ROI, visit https://valid.com/what-we-do/data-solutions/. Read more

data solutions
Marketing ROI

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The Millennial Mobile Banking Revolution

By 2025, Millennials will represent 75% of the workforce. With this influx comes generational trends such as the Millennial Mobile Banking Revolution. Retailers and financial institutions have no choice but to cater their products and services to this increasingly powerful group as Millennial mobile banking usage has increased 62% within the last year alone. Valid offers a Secure Services Read more

millennial mobile banking
mobile banking
mobile banking usage
Valid Secure Services Hub

2017 Highlights from Valid Data Solutions in the USA

In 2017, we saved our clients in the USA $134 Million in marketing dollars by maximizing their strategic omni-channel campaigns. Take a look at the impressive numbers our Data Solutions Group generated last year by partnering with our clients who understand the importance of leveraging our comprehensive and robust Big Data solutions.

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