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Is the public sector ready for mobile IDs?

Is The Public Sector Ready For Mobile IDs? BY KEVIN FREIBURGER June 27, 2019 Mobile identification is no longer just a digital replica of a traditional drivers’ license or state ID. Today, digital identity management has evolved to take full advantage of security features offered by smart mobile devices. But is the public sector ready to accommodate? Traditional plastic-card Read more

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Valid Speaks at Amazon’s Recent Conference

27 May 2019 On Monday, May 27th, Amazon hosted one of the most trending and important shows related to Cloud Services in Colombia. Such event was mainly organized to demonstrate the AWS Cloud Computing platform with the purpose of educating current and potential users about what Amazon’s platform has to offer. Many of Read more

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Valid Sponsors the 2019 CohereOne Catalog & Integrated Marketing Summit

24-25 April 2019 Valid is a proud sponsor of the CohereOne Catalog & Integrated Marketing Summit.  This year’s theme is Integrated: The Smarter Path to Profitability. Strategies for synchronizing print, digital, and social media for maximum impact. The Summit is an absolute must-attend event for merchant companies desiring to integrate print and digital Read more



What the Win-Win Partnership Between Apple and Goldman Sachs Means for Payments

Written By Alberto Hernandez - Chief Operating Officer at Valid Apple is ready to get even closer to your wallet, and it has a recognizable partner to help win a permanent spot. Joining forces with a finance giant like Goldman Sachs is part of Apple’s latest effort to revolutionize an established industry — but the partnership is mutually beneficial. Read more


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Community banks are losing the payment tech battle

By Alberto Hernandez - Chief Operating Officer at Valid Community banks are enjoying some of the most fertile economic conditions for growth. A combination of low interest rates, a roaring economy and loosened regulations in recent years have come together to create optimal conditions for all banking institutions to thrive. Yet despite this opportunity, community banks are slipping compared Read more


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How 5G could neutralize Net Neutrality

Just over a year ago, the US Congress repealed the FCC's Net Neutrality ruling - a ruling that made it illegal for mobile and internet providers to charge more for access to certain sites or platform. While Congress is gearing up for another fight, this time to reinstate Net Neutrality, one expert says it may no longer be needed. Read more

Net neutrality

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Technology: Solving Yesterday’s Problems

Technology:  Solving Yesterday’s Problems From wildfires, earthquakes, industrial and underground accidents, to reckless drivers, shoplifting, and pickpockets. By: Franco Zaro, Director of Business Development & Sales Support 5G is around the corner and LTE already took place long time ago; but what does it mean for a farmer, miner, storeowner, or someone using public transportation?     Cellphones during 2G and Read more


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Valid has been Accredited by GSMA for Subscription Management

Accredited by GSMA for Subscription Management Valid has been named an accredited supplier for the GSMA Association for Subscription Management (SAS-SM), for the data center located in the Madrid manufacturing plant. This SAS-SM certification is requested as the necessary security grade by the Mobile Network Operators worldwide, willing to delegate their subscription management services to a third-party Read more

Subscription Management

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Geo-Fencing Vs Geo-Framing…There is a new kid in town!

By:  Brenda McGowan - Data Solutions, USA Region Geo-Fencing vs. Geo-Framing As digital display advertising is continuing to gain momentum with marketers as a more “cost effective” means to reach customers and prospects than traditional methods, it’s good know the differences in approach and how new technologies may improve your Ad Spend! Not all “GEO” technologies are the Read more


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