Valid enters the IoT market through investment in R&D and partnerships with other companies.

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New acquisitions solidifies Valid’s presence in the USA, Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East, expanding its presence to five continents.

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Valid expands its solutions portfolio in the USA with Secure Identification.

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With a global presence in Brazil, Argentina and Spain, Valid starts to consolidate its’ presence in the USA offering Data, Payment and Mobile Solutions.

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The company rebrands under the name Valid and becomes a corporation with widely held stock and starts to operate in Europe setting the stage for a new era.

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The portfolio of Payment Solutions becomes available in Argentina.

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The company launches its Initial Public Offering selling 57% of its capital stock reaching a total of R$480 million.

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After three decades, American Banknote acquired Thomas de La Rue which gave way to a large expansion period. The company soon became a benchmark in Brazil for the secure issuance of documents.

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Valid starts to operate in Brazil under the name of Thomas de La Rue as a subsidiary of an English company providing high security paper and printing technology services.

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