Subscription Management Services for Consumer Devices.

Work on seamless connectivity experiences to connected devices by remotely and securely managing their mobile subscriptions.

Expand the range of devices and services you offer to your customers. Whether you are a telecom service provider or an OEM device manufacturer, with eReach, Valid’s Subscription Management Platform and VSSH®, Valid’s Secure Services Hub, you will get access to a complete suite of micro services that can easily integrate with your legacy systems and provide a seamless and fast digital experience to your customers.

In addition, working together with Valid’s eSIM for Consumer Devices and eReach Subscription Management solutions offers you a change to connect your consumer’s electronics on end-to-end basis.

SIMs & embedded eSIMs

Consumers and service providers can remotely activate subscriptions on embedded SIMs.


Interoperability and flexibility to easily integrate into any system.

Remote Provisioning

Remote provisioning of a subscription into connected devices throughout their entire lifecycle.

Subscription Management

Manage customers profiles during their lifecycle.

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Product Details

You can easily orchestrate new subscription provisioning processes and flows through all your sales channels from a single platform, from your physical stores and eCommerce apps or websites to third-party sales channels/digital platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, Mercado Libre, etc., you will be able to maintain control over your processes with dashboards and analytic reports tailored to your business.

Solution’ Benefits

Learn how e/Reach can improve your services and the
experiences of your customers.

Biometric enrollment

This solution provides ID validation and Biometric validation for new customers.

Over the Air (OTA)

Gain agility for new contracts and renewals.

Payment methods

Traditional and non-traditional methods available (OEM, QR codes, NFC, MNO mobile money, etc.)

Banking services

A complete set of banking services including accounts management, loans platform, and clearing and settlement processes.

Engagement with customers

Increase your customers’ long-term value (LTV) with chatbots, loyalty programs, and coupons.


Learn more about our eReach for Consumer solution specifications.

SM-DP+ platform
Compliant with GSMA SGP.22 V2.2
High-security SAS
Subscription Management (SAS-SM).
Servers with local redundancy

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