The next evolution in user privacy security and trusted connectivity

The next evolution in user privacy security and trusted connectivity

An integrated secure element is a new form factor where the silicon of the SE is actually integrated as a secure enclave within a larger System on Chip (SoC) alongside, for example, a modem and application processor or any other functional block. This is beneficial for continual device enhancements, integration of SE functionality and the TRE (Tamper Resistant Element) hardware in SOC can result in more powerful chips and capability to customers.


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Innovation and evolution are at the heart of the Chip industry’s relevance and longevity. More and more companies are looking for the addition of secure elements into their devices and applications.

The growth of the global secure element market can be attributed to the increasing demand for mobile security and the growing trend of IoT connectivity, because they are commonly used in a variety of trendy applications, including home applications, office automation, banking & financial institutions, security, automotive, protection, personal, healthcare, and other sectors.

Secure Element form factors have become progressively smaller and more advanced over time while retaining the highest security levels to support the emergence of different applications and use cases. And in recent years, various market forces have promoted the integration of SE/SIM functionality on a System on Chip. This has created increasing demand for a new Secure Element form factor: the integrated SE/SIM.

With the advance of the industry and the increase in data collection the top security challenges for this year includes:

  • Preventing data breaches
  • Ensuring protection against malware and ransomware.
  • Safeguarding security of cloud-based collaboration applications.
  • Guaranteeing the security of an increasingly diverse pool of devices, services and software.
  • Preventing advanced email-based threats, such as phishing or business email compromise.
  • Protect user’s privacy. Control the access to data.


The best way to help mitigate these challenges is implementing iSE solutions.

Valid’s iSE is a secure solution which can cover all the uses cases of eSE as specified in GlobalPlatform specification and eSIM as specified in GSMA specification. If all these functions are integrated on one chip, we will be able to give customers a more powerful tool.

Besides being used in mobile phones, this chip can also be used in other connected devices such as laptops, tablets, IoT devices, and wearables, and it comes with all the functions.

Manufacturers integrating such devices will get all these functions such as the ultimate mobile experience without doing extra work.

The growth factors of the Integrated Secure Element market include:

  • increasing demand for security in financial transactions and digital payments,
  • growing concerns regarding data privacy, and rising investments towards research & development activities.
  • Moreover, rapid advancements in technology are creating new opportunities for this market during the forecast period.

In addition to that, it’s important to consider that the low-to mid-range smartphones are dominating the Worldwide Smartphone Market, and the Secure Element integrated in SOC is a perfect solution for them to create high value at low cost and create differentiation against competitors.

For the High-End mobile devices, it’s already a no brainer. All tier-1 device manufacturer brands are already using iSE with eSE together to provide the ultimate security and performance experience to high-end devices users.

Solution’s Benefits

Device cost effectiveness

This reduction in standalone secure element with its necessary components will reduce total BOM (Bill of Materials), therefore it can provide significant cost saving simplifying sourcing, integration and production. It allows for smaller, lighter devices that are less expensive to produce.

Lower Power consumption

The reduction and /or removal of components can also reduce the power consumption to increase the battery life.

Flexibility and Scalability

With this integrated solution, it is possible to utilize the external memory (e.g., flash and RAM), which is also shared by other SoC entities. The usage of eternal memory brings the chance to configurate more efficient and big memories.

Improved performance

Broadly speaking, integrating complex functionality into a single silicon substrate will offer the potential for significant performance improvements and cost benefits within the semiconductor industry.


Integrated Secure Element will be the most cost-effective way for all the devices. The removal of discrete SE and its related components frees physical space for other added value features and offers procurement simplification. With Valid’s iSE solution, you can support Strongbox at the lowest cost, with a reduced time to market and simplified design for Hardware & Software.

New use cases

Deep integration into the device, together with its enhanced processing power and flexible memory configuration, allows the integrated SE to be leveraged for a variety of different security applications that could not be addressed with existed technology until now due to limitations related to processing power, memory capacity or accessibility by device applications.

Fast operation system upgrades

Because of the usage of external memory, the operation system upgrade will be easier and convenient than other solutions.


Learn more about iSE differentials.

Compatible with version 15, 16, 17 and higher of ETSI specifications
Oracle Java Card™ Specification
GlobalPlatform Card Specification

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