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Introducing the iSIM technology

The iSIM (Integrated SIM) is an evolution from its previous secure elements that enables significant improvements in SIM functionality. Differently from its predecessor, the eSIM, that requires a separate processor and its build in the motherboard of the connected device, the iSIM is integrated as a part of the mobile device processor and integrates SIM services into it, bringing a variety of benefits for device makers, MNOs and ultimately to consumers.

Enhanced security

Longer lifespan & miniaturization

New features & use cases


Product Details

What is an iSIM?

The evolution of the SIM card and eSIM, the iSIM is integrated in the system-on-chip (SoC)* of a connected device to improve device design, performance, release of space and it’s perfect for devices that have a need for mobile services.

*A system-on-chip is an integrated circuit that combines many elements of a computer system into a single chip.

Understanding the iSIM usage:

Due to the complexity of device manufacturing nowadays, which need to solve the issue of multiple chipsets incorporated in order to perform new features and bring high-tech benefits to end-uses, the industry needed to find a solution to keep on helping OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to push for smaller and thinner devices, with simpler bill of materials*.

*A bill of materials (BOM) is a centralized source of information used to manufacture a product.

The solution to deliver high-end connected devices in a large scale was to work on a single chip that embedded all the functionalities of other chipsets. The iSIM not only helps the industry with the miniaturization challenge but also to reduces power consumption and the production cost, as well as offers better thermal dissipation control. The iSIM presents the same level of security as the eSIM, complying with the same GSMA certification.

For end-users, similar to the eSIM, they can add an MNO subscription for roaming remotely, manage several subscriptions in one device, therefore simplifying the user experience. Moving from SIM to eSIM was a significant change from user perspective. Moving from eSIM to iSIM is transparent for the end user.

For MNOs and MVNOs, it gives them the possibility to launch their services without the need to distribute SIM cards, avoiding SIM stock management, offering full digital experience to their consumers.

For OEMs, it guarantees:

Miniaturization: iSIM takes less physical space inside the device and embeds a bunch of connectivity functionalities that before were met with multiple secure elements. It offers OEM the possibility to offer connectivity to different types of devices.

Lower Power Consumption: It reduces the device’s power consumption and provides more control to OEM.

Simpler Logistics: The logistics and manufacturing are simplified for the device markers especially when it comes to the design and certification steps.

The difference between the iSIM and eSIM:

Each day new connected devices reach the markets everywhere. Analysts around the world expect even greater increases in volumes of devices for the coming years, with IoT Analytics projecting that by 2025 there will be approximately 27 billion connected IoT devices worldwide. The GSMA projects that from 2021 to 2025 the IoT connections will increase 54%, from 15.1 billion connections to 23.3 billion. This means that the industry will have to develop new requirements in order to work with that huge demand.

Those projections together with the challenges we already mentioned in terms of shape, size and function during the production of new devices, including power consumption could only be addressed by a new secure element, such as integrated SIM (iSIM).

It is true that both eSIM and iSIM offer the same device remote provisioning. That means they can be accessed remotely for any update it may be necessary, the difference is in terms of performance and also form factors that can include an iSIM. If the mobile operator or device maker have already hired a subscription management service, it can use it to access its iSIMs as well.

The impacts of the iSIM in the mobile industry

Because iSIM offers multiple benefits for the industry and is able to solve pressing issues, the counterpoint research analysts projects that after 2027 the iSIM will take over as the dominant SIM form factor, with the shipments of iSIM-capable devices poised to scale to 7 billion units between 2021 and 2030.

Solution’s Benefits

Fully Digital experience
for end-users

Digital operation for MNOs and MVNOs, avoiding the need of
SIM stock management

Improved device design with more flexibility and space to deliver better gadgets

Devices with lower power consumption and extended lifetime

Highend security to the device and the data stored in the cloud, thanks to the cybersecurity aspects embedded into the device design

Remote provision management to emulate SIM functionality into the device


Learn more about our iSIM solution for Consumer and IoT implementations.

iSIM for Consumer:
The iSIM is perfect for consumer devices. The benefits of introducing the iSIM into consumer devices are tangible especially for wearable devices, virtual reality gadgets, laptops and tablets, since they need to optimize every space they have it inside. It also reduces costs in the implementation phase, which can help the introduction of this technology into entry and lower mid-range smartphone market.
iSIM for IoT:

For IoT, the main use cases revolve around the smart utilities industry, Logistics & Manufacture and Automotive. The benefits for the IoT market are connected to the offering of low power networks, which allow for more devices to be connected and share data with the applications. It will most definitely represent the biggest growth in the market. iSIM is answering IoT expectations: Security, Low Power, Physical integration. Also, iSIM, being integrated into a bigger system, is simplifying the application’s certification (ie. Metering, Automotive, Safety).

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