Valid will attend as Associate Sponsor the e-Sim Connect 2019, the only eSIM dedicated event,  that will be hold on 14 – 15th October in London.

During eSIM-Connect, Mikaël Dubreucq – Director, Global Strategic Marketing at Valid will discuss the benefits of eKYC for Mobile Operators in their digital transformation and what actions they need to take to overcome this challenge. The future success of major eSIM growth will depend how MNOs embrace and create the new Digital User Experience for subscription. In many countries, regulations require the capture and authentication of data for a mobile phone subscription. To do it properly, MNOs typically need a document and identity check of a valid government issued ID (ID Card, Driver’s License, Passport, Resident permit, etc.) to provide a subscription. Existing processes for traditional SIM cards have been put in place requesting physical presence in retail stores, or physical delivery of documents to mobile operators in a secure process (physical check of ID). The introduction of eSIM in smartphones will request to define a “Completely New Customer Journey” when a customer wants to join a network without physical interaction. A robust eKYC check will be needed for digital ID verification, authentication, as well as a Digital Signature for making contracts.  It will allow MNOs to integrate automated on-line channels for eSIM activation and provisioning.

e-Sim Connect 2019, London