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Valid presents innovative digital solutions at the 2018 Mobile World Congress





Valid’s participation at the Mobile World Congress 2018 marks 60 years of operation for the company, as well as their new positioning as a global provider of solutions for the Digital Age and for Connected Life.

Valid will be present at this world’s largest technology event, showcasing new services for mobile telephony, in alignment with the company’s new visual identity.

The event will be held from 26 February to 1 March in Barcelona, Spain. We invite you to come and visit us at our stand 6H41, Hall 6.

Mobile World Congress 2018 Valid

Mobile World Congress

Stand 6H41, Hall 6


Valid presents innovations in solutions for logistics management and tracking, payment and data analytics for retail





Valid’s location at the fair will be a sort of “Store of the Future,” showcasing new methods of interaction and consumer experience in the purchasing environment. One of the features is RFID technology (radio-frequency identification), applied to different products. Used by major national retailers, Valid’s solution manages all stages of the process, from the production of components to the sale of the final product in stores, with the ability to monitor each unit. The company handles everything from the design of the antennas and the production of the smart sticker, to the electronic readers, equipment installation, training, software, and, most importantly, the management and analysis of the data generated.

“We are talking about solutions that can reduce the cost and inventory time of the merchandise in the stores, and provide gains in logistical processes for the client,” explains Valid’s Adriano Franki. “Valid has been investing in the application of Data Analytics in its different fields of expertise, and in tracking solutions it is no different: we see the enormous value we can offer to our clients, especially in retail.”

Another innovation from Valid is the capability to analyze client traffic in stores, in a simple and efficient way. Having access to the analysis of this information is one of the great triumphs in assisting a retail chain in strategic decision-making for the growth of their business.

In the area of payment methods, the newest items are wearables; case studies will be presented on wristbands used for payment. These devices work using via NFC, or near-field communication technology, which enables the exchange of encrypted data with the POS machine. In Brazil, there are already around 2.8 million of these machines in operation.

“Payment methods are changing and the wristband technology offers an easier, safer and fast experience,” points out Adriano.

LATAM Retail Show Valid

Expo Center Norte (Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333)

São Paulo

Valid sponsors Biometrics HITech





A leader in the issuance of official identification documents in Brazil, Valid provides solutions for services and products related to security and personal identification documents, handling all stages of the process. The company handles everything from the creation of computerized database management systems, to the gathering of biometric data (photo, signature and fingerprints) and biographic data (name, parents, etc.) of citizens, to the delivery of official identification documents. Valid’s Brazilian portfolio includes driver’s licenses (known in Brazil as the CNH), identification cards (RG), cards for the Architecture Council and the Federal Medicine Council (CFM), foreigner’s identification cards and the functional Federal Police identification cards.

According to Márcio N. Bastos, Valid’s Commercial Superintendent for Identity Solutions, the Biometrics HITech will be an opportunity to share case studies and experiences involving the use of biometrics, and to bring together companies and agencies seeking innovative solutions in the area of human identification. “Valid maintains consistent alignment with new technologies. One example of this is the use of biometrics in the Brazilian RG, and the capture of fingerprints using the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), explains Márcio.

Valid Biometrics HITech


Valid showcases identification solutions in Peru





As a global service provider for the data, identification, mobile telephony and financial industries, Valid will be demonstrating Identification and Traceability solutions to the attendees, who will include officials from registration and identification agencies, public bodies, non-governmental organizations, international development agencies, academics and private companies.

The seminar will also offer talks on subjects such as technological solutions, digital inclusion, voice biometrics and reflections on identification, among others.

“As an ally of institutions that need to identify and issue secure documents, it is fundamental for us to participate in the discussions that will foster advances in the industry. We seek solutions that have a guarantee of uniqueness and authenticity, and cutting-edge technology in anti-fraud systems,” asserts Zenio Rimes, Latin America ID COO at Valid.

Valid RENIEC Peru


Valid at AAMVA Region I Conference





The event provides an opportunity to discuss relevant driver’s license, motor vehicle and law enforcement-related issues. This year’s regional conference provides learning opportunities – both with jurisdiction and industry representatives. Visit us at booth #17.

valid AAMVA conference


Valid presents identity solutions and the issue of identification cards in the United States





From May 21 to 24, Valid will be participating in the Region IV Conference in Seattle, Washington; and from June 19 to 22 at the Region II Conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to see the latest technologies, products and services from the sector, and discuss relevant issues related to motor vehicles and law enforcement. At its stands – #308 in Washington and #209 in Chattanooga, Valid’s US team will be demonstrating its identity solutions for the issuance of identification cards. The company produces and customizes approximately 1.7 million traditional driver’s licenses, as well as the so-called enhanced drivers’ licenses (equipped with a radio-frequency identification chip) per year for the Washington State Department of Licensing.

Region AAMVA Conference Seattle Valid


Valid presents Solutions for the Payment Industry in Africa





The themes of this 12th edition of the event will be the impact of technology on the payment methods industry in Africa, trends by digital banks, and the role of e-gov in social, political and economic development in the region.

As one of the event’s sponsors, Valid’s stand will showcase its portfolio of apps for the financial sector, including Smartcities, banking products (Magnetic Stripe, SDA, DDA and Dual Interface cards), as well as its line of wearables, such as wristbands and stickers used for making payments.

“Valid has a presence in Africa and has identified promising opportunities in this market, which represents a large growth potential. The Cartes Afriques conference allows us to be in direct contact with a market that is looking for innovative services that can be adapted to the needs of the region,” states Salvador Cabrera, Valid’s Global Commercial Superintendent for Mobile and Payment.

Valid payment solutions Africa

Palmeraie Golf Palace Hotel


Cubic Telecom and Valid showcase automotive embedded SIM technology for Audi at Mobile World Congress





Valid and Cubic Telecom currently supply the technology behind Audi connect® services in the newest Audi A3, A4, A5, Q2, Q5 and Q7 models released in 13 European countries. With Audi connect, Audi owners can enjoy high-quality, always-on infotainment connectivity along with access to competitive bundled connectivity plans including telematics, Wi-Fi hotspot services, personal apps, and much more.

“Audi has partnered with Cubic Telecom to seamlessly deliver its end-to-end, in-car connectivity solution throughout Europe,” said Barry Napier, CEO of Cubic Telecom “In turn, Cubic selected Valid’s mioSIM® automotive embedded SIM as a reliable and secure SIM provider.”

“We are very proud to partner with Cubic Telecom, one of the world’s most successful and innovative IoT platform companies, especially within the connected car space,” said Carlos Affonso D’Albuquerque, CEO of Valid. “With Valid’s mioSIM® automotive embedded SIM, we are enabling Cubic to deliver a truly unique in-car experience to Audi’s customers. This includes features like navigation, route guidance, information services, Wi-Fi hotspot services and much more.”

Valid MWC Audi Cubic Telecom

Mobile World Congress







Valid will be at the Mobile World Congress, the world´s largest gathering for the mobile industry organized by the GSMA, held from 27th February to 2nd March 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. Come and visit us at the stand 6H41 in Hall 6 where we will show our mioSIM, NFC, M2M, eUICC, Green products and our Subscription Management, TSM, Mobile content, Financial, Self-service and Payment services. To arrange a meeting with our sales team, please register at: We are looking forward to meeting you.

Valid Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress


Valid presents telecommunications solutions at AfricaCom





During the event, Valid’s South Africa team will exhibit its Telecom services portfolio, including services that involve cell phone technology and innovations emerging from digital mobility, such as the solution the implements NFC technology (Near Field Communication) for SIM Cards and the TSM (Trusted Service Manager), intended for mobile phone operators, banks and service providers. Following the trend of digital connectivity through cell phones, Valid offers technology that allows you to personalize the SIM Cards of operators remotely (OTA – over the air), as well as insert the user’s financial data, as required by financial institutions using the highest standards of information security. Transactions are carried out through NFC technology.

A global provider of secure solutions, with a presence in Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, the United States, Denmark, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, Valid has expanded its activities in Africa after acquiring, in 2015, the Danish company Fundamenture, responsible for 6.5% of the global SIM Card market.

“Participating in AfricaCom is an opportunity to showcase the excellence and customization of our services and products, capable of meeting the demands of clients in the mobile payment industry, such as cell phone technology and smart cards”, explains Alberto Hernandez, Director of Payment Methods & Global Telecom at Valid.

Valid africacom

Cape Town

Valid’s identification and tracking solutions increase hospital safety





During the symposium, the company will introduce ID Arsenal, its instrument identification solution that uses software equipped with stainless steel armored nanocircuits to manage the Supply and Sterilization Center. The RFID nanocircuits, which use radio frequency identification, are compatible with all hospital sterilization processes and can withstand extreme conditions of long-term use. With Valid’s solution, the process of registering and tracking surgical instruments is fully automated and meets the standards of the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA – Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária) and the regulations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Symposium participants will also learn about the medical equipment control solution. The RFID Smart Labels can store any type of information about the item, communicating it to the reader. With these, inventory data is always updated and ready for retrieval.

According to Andriano Franki, the Commercial Superintendent of Payment Methods at Valid, the technology is capable of reducing spending, improving operating room release time and increasing patient safety. Franki also notes that another major benefit of the RFID system is that the instruments can be equipped with the chips in the factory, further expediting the process.

Sobecc Valid health hospital

Anhembi Convention Center (Av. Olavo Fontoura, 1209 Santana)

São Paulo

Valid Takes Part in a Seminar on Identity Solutions in Peru





The seminar’s main objective is to stress the importance of identification for economic and social development.

Participants will include employees from registries and identification bodies, public agencies, non-governmental organizations, international development agencies, academic institutions and private companies. Valid, a leading company in Identity Solutions and Digital Certification, will be present with a stand, where it will be presenting its products and solutions.

The seminar will also offer talks by executives on topics such as technological solutions, digital inclusion, voice biometrics and reflections on identification and other topics.

Valid Identity Solutions Peru