Awaken the full power of your SIM Cards

Maximize Interaction with your Mobile Consumer Database and Monetize from Advertising Campaigns

Mobile Network Operators (MNO), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) and Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNE) need a simple and reliable channel to provide content to end users or third parties. The content can practically be anything; from operator service messages, news and infotainment to a payment solution interface. Life-cycle management of this content is the primary focus of our solution.

Main benefits include:

Simple, direct and effective channel for engage with your customers or consumers.

More efficient Customer Care service provided via interactive channel.

Additional business with external content providers.

Prompt distribution of new SIM menu features.

Full removal of outdated offers.

Overall increase of SIM menu usage.

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Identify Customers in the Digital World

Our deliverables – card, applet and dedicated OTA features – are a part of a full Mobile ID module. We work together with our TCP and CA partners whenever required for a turnkey approach or connect to third parties projects as well, in order to work together with MNOs, trusted services providers (TSM) and governments on their mobile identity initiatives.

Valid’s Mobile ID module provides mobile users with a secure mechanism to identify themselves to any participating electronic service providers. The secure procedure includes trusted parties that can authenticate the identity of subscribers through the cryptographic certificate that is embedded on their card.

The card contains strong crypto features, an applet with belonging UI and secured OTA connection to 3rd party Trusted Service Providers.

Main Benefits to MNOs include:

Trust from subscribers

Revenue from every authentication

Revenue from every subscription

Potential partnership with banks and governments

Main Benefits for end-users:


Easy and secure banking, election voting, document signing and other electronic identity services

Simple to use

Phone authentication (compared to physical identification tokens)

No need to remember multiple complex passwords

Allow Sustainable IoT Network Growth

For MNOs or IoT network providers, badly configured connected devices can cause a signaling storm in an operator’s network as well as drain its own battery. Network performance degrades the signaling storm and in extreme cases might lead to a network blackout. A drained battery is a critical aspect for some IoT SP’s.

The normal approach would be to expand the network capacity to cater to the increased demand for connectivity. However, this approach is not sustainable because the ARPU from IoT connectivity is lower and does not allow for expansion, creating the need for a robust solution to allow sustainable growth in IoT.

The Network Safeguard module relieves network congestion caused by the repeated authentication of IoT devices and contributes to device power consumption saving. It is implemented using a Java application (Network Safeguard Application) in the SIM card and an application server (Network Safeguard Server) to manage & control it. This is deployable within an existing subscriber base.

Main benefits include:

Network congestion relief.

Increased battery time.

Precise implementation of “Back-off” schemes.

Prioritizing of high ARPU subscribers.

Control and monitor network.

Permanent disconnection of SIMs that are in ‘aggressive’ devices.

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Offer Better Roaming Management Services to your Customers

Mobile Network Operators (MNO), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) and Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNE) that provide their service abroad need a powerful tool for connectivity control outside their usual territory. If the same tool can help them during price negotiations with every Roaming partner, the tool’s value increases.

Existing and competing roaming management solutions differ according to the following design decisions:

What roaming detection method shall be used?

Two methods dominate the market: Network based detection and SIM based detection. These two methods are usually referred to as network trigger and SIM trigger.

How advanced and how dynamic shall card updates preparation (Business Logic) be?

Here, the existing solutions range from very simple static PLMN list update, over multiple EF’s update to advanced dynamic personalized update.
Valid left these decisions to our customers and designed the Roaming Management module which is:

compatible with both detection methods,

open for both static and dynamic update lists and

able to interwork with 3rd party Roaming business logic (SoR) providers.

As part of SolvEX Suite services, the Roaming Management module relies on common framework features (provisioning, reporting and similar).

The Roaming Management module is fully transparent to end customers. They can simply enjoy lower roaming prices in a more convenient way.

Main benefits include:

Decreased roaming cost.

Increased roaming service accessibility.

Increased control over Roaming traffic.

Excellent tool during Roaming agreement negotiations.

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