SIM Cards for the M2M environment

M2M SIM Cards are simple to deploy and have a better lifespan for the new IoT Ecosystem

With the advance of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) communication, mobile operators see an opportunity to increase revenue, tackle new markets, and evolve their mobile services.

M2M SIM cards were developed to improve M2M applications, as they tend to need a robust secure element in order to resist higher temperatures, extreme levels of vibration and humidity, bad connectivity, data transmission in remote areas, endure a long-life span, and a faster implementation.

They secure machine identities while communicating via wireless networks and guarantee secure authentication and information encryption during the exchange between machines.

For industries such as automotive, tracking, industrial analytics, healthcare, agriculture, and many more, M2M is the driving factor for digital transformation and the M2M SIMs are the vehicle to offer new value-added services and provide security to the ecosystem.

These SIMs are configured to work with 2G and 3G networks when in remote areas or to reduce battery usage for data transmission or remote management as well as 4G and 5G use cases whenever a project demands higher speeds for data sharing or real-time services. They are also compatible with LPWAN networks, such as NB-IoT.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is predicted to grow USD 1.6 trillion in size by 2025, according to Statista. Apart from consumer electronics, machine to machine (M2M) connections are a big part of the IoT ecosystem.

By 2023, M2M markets will reach 3 billion connections with the help of 5G networks and a large number of diverse uses cases from industrial solutions to smart cities.

Digital transformation

We make new value-added services possible, and we lend security to the IoT ecosystem.

2G ao 5G

We configure our SIM cards to handle all different types of connectivity challenges.


Secure and encrypted protection, communication, and authentication of users’ identity.

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Product Details

Valid’s Machine to Machine (M2M) SIMs support this IoT market growth and its applications for metering, remote subscription management, and data monitoring for a variety of sectors.

M2M SIMs authenticate machines and protect long-term data sharing across networks in extreme conditions, answering the biggest industry challenges. Combined with operating system intelligence, it’s a powerful tool for long-lasting wireless communication projects.

Multiple physical characteristics to choose from:

Valid’s mioSIM M2M is available in multiple form factors and grades to better suit different M2M projects requirements:

Supported form factors and grades:


Solution's Benefits

Learn how the M2M SIM can enhance and revolutionize the
IoT ecosystem.


The entire data processing operation is done in an encrypted manner, thus ensuring greater security in all details.


This solution was developed for extreme environments, with high temperatures, remote settings, and poor connectivity.

Long useful life

Our solution ensures a long useful life for M2M applications.

Designed for industrial applications

Connectivity between machines, with secure authentication


Get to know the advantages of the M2M SIM

Compatible with version 12 ETSI specifications and higher
Oracle Java Card™ Specification
GlobalPlatform Card Specification

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