Valid compra fintech BluPay e avança em transações financeiras e pagamento instantâneo

A multinacional brasileira de identificação segura Valid concluiu o processo de aquisição de 51% na participação da BluPay, fintech especializada em transações financeiras baseada em tecnologia blockchain. A aquisição reforça a estratégia da Valid de crescimento na oferta de soluções digitais, que hoje já representam aproximadamente 10% do faturamento da companhia, que nos 9 primeiros […]

The Blockchain of Everything

By: Franco Zaro – Director of Business Development and Sales Support As a good Chilean, I’m a huge fan of football (soccer in American) and I remember the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, it was the year of the Selfie. During Russia’s World Cup in 2018, it was the year of streaming which allowed us […]

Understanding Blockchain Technology within an Evolving Identity Ecosystem

By Chuck Wilson, Content Proposal Manager – Identity Solutions In our globalized economy with people who travel, work and recreate in diverse areas, a widespread, digital identity system has become an internationally shared goal. A number of firms are focused on Blockchain technology as enablers for parties independent of each other to rely on the […]


If you haven’t yet gotten to know Blockchain, you should start. It’s a distributed, open-code database that uses next-generation encryption, and it will facilitate recording and tracking of all online transactions. Data is encrypted, using private keys with a guarantee of a chronologically ordered record, similar to digital certification, but without intermediaries.

A new reality for payments

Wearables are moving towards the masses. After a few years of being restricted to the early adopters (consumers who like to try out new technologies, and hence who are great allies in the innovation process), the launch of the devices has generated lessons learned for the financial market, which is now investing in their use on a larger scale.