How Biometrics Will Transform Airport Travel

How Biometrics Will Transform Airport Travel April 14, 2020 Kevin Freiburger The airport customer experience is rarely efficient, perhaps least of all over the holidays, when travelers often spend an hour or more caught in security and worried whether they will board flights on time. Adding to the stress is the possibility of forgetting an […]

State of the Data Industry Infographic

In an evolving digital landscape, it is becoming increasingly important for organizations to utilize data in meaningful and actionable ways. Data can be used to not only improve the customer experience, but anticipate future needs and deliver unique messages customized for each recipient. Read on to learn more about the rapidly evolving state of the […]

Establishing a Culture of Security in an Organization

Published in Silicon Republic on October 18, 2019 See published article here. __ Martin Kurpiel is the senior vice-president of Valid, a global technology provider that offers a robust portfolio of payment, mobile, data and identity solutions. Here, he discusses the importance of engendering a culture of security in an organisation in order to successfully […]

What the Equifax and FICO Partnership Means for the Future of Finance

What the Equifax and FICO Partnership Means for the Future of Finance by Martin Kurpiel, Senior Vice President of Technology Solutions & IT June 12, 2019 Credit giants Equifax and FICO have joined forces in a move that has both companies getting into the alternative data market. The two companies announced in late March they would be […]

Biometric Identification in Healthcare Doesn’t Replace Data Security Best Practices

By: Michael Fox – Chief Commercial Officer, Identity Solutions  While no system is foolproof, biometrics are vastly more accurate and secure ways to identify patients because they measure a physical trait (something you are) rather than a piece of knowledge (something you know e.g., passwords, ssn, PIN). Cases of mistaken identity can have devastating consequences […]

2018 Highlights from Valid Payment Solutions

Last year our Payment Solutions team provided our clients with the capabilities to offer secure, flexible, and convenient transactions. Take a look at the complete view of our impressive 2018 highlights from our Payments Team. To learn more about how our solutions can meet your business needs visit: Payment Highlights

2018 Highlights from Valid Data Solutions

Last year, Valid’s Data Solutions provided our clients a 360° view of their customers by unifying disparate data sources that allowed them to deliver exceptional brand experiences. Take a look at a complete view of the impressive 2018 highlights from our Data Solutions Team. To learn more about how Valid can increase your company’s Marketing […]

GDPR Compliance Part 2: The Data Protection Revolution Continues to Spread

By: Chris Mermigas – Senior Corporate Counsel, USA Region The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) began enforcement on May 25, 2018, and has caused waves throughout the globe. Establishing rights and protections for the personal data of citizens of the EU, the GDPR applies to anyone who handles or possesses personal data of EU […]

2017 Highlights from Valid Data Solutions in the USA

In 2017, we saved our clients in the USA $134 Million in marketing dollars by maximizing their strategic omni-channel campaigns. Take a look at the impressive numbers our Data Solutions Group generated last year by partnering with our clients who understand the importance of leveraging our comprehensive and robust Big Data solutions. 2017 Data Solutions […]